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Roles Damage dealer
Primary Gear Staffs
Elder Calypso – Mistress of Magic

Wizard is one of the playable classes in Villagers and Heroes.

Disciplined resourceful, and possessing a commanding knowledge of the arcane, The Wizards of the Seven Realms wield great power over the natural elements of the world. Armed with a dangerously magical staff, wizards can unleash the ravaging forces of fire and ice upon their enemies, while offering their friends rejuvenating energies and spells. For guidance in unlocking the obscurer secrets of so mystical a land, wizards look to their elder, the alluring Calypso, the matron of wizardry and an ancient mistress of magic.

Specializations & Talents[]

Wizard talents are grouped into the Fire, Arcane and Ice specializations. All the below numbers assume rank 1 of the talent - see the Talent Builder for accurate values per level! When a talent is upgraded completely, it unlocks an Ultimate ability - these abilities can be both active and passive, and grant powerful advantages.


With a scorching blaze capable of massive damage, Fire boosts powerfully explosive spells, designed to annihilate all.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent wizard 0.jpg Incinerate 5 Your fire spells cause enemies to deal 2% less damage for 10 seconds. Ultimate wizard 0.jpg Pyromaniac Fireball now costs 0 Mana.
Talent wizard 1.jpg Set Ablaze 10 Your damaging fire spells now set your enemy Ablaz, dealing 20% standard level fire damage over 15 seconds. Ablaze's damage is boosted by your Fire Power. Ultimate wizard 1.png Blazing Speed Burning energies flow through you for 5 seonds, boosting your run speed by 90% (+1,1%) and your mounted speed by 70% (+0,9%). Can be cast while mounted or invisible. Passive Bonus: While this Ultimate is unlocked, you gain 10% increased attack speed.
Talent wizard 2.jpg Cauterize 20 Casting a fire spell has a 21% chance to cauterize your wounds, healing for 20% standard level healing. Cauterize's healing is boosted by your Fire Power. Ultimate wizard 2.jpg Brilliant and Bright When you cast Mind Spark, all other spells will immediately finish refreshing.
VolcanicBlast.png Volcanic Blast 30 After casting a fire spell you have a 4,2% chance to have your next Fireball within 15 seconds be upgraded to a Volcanic Blast.

Volcanic Blasts are doubled in size, deal 15% increased damage, and stunt he enemy for 0 seconds on impact.

SpontaneousCombustion.png Combustion Combustion now has a 50% chance to cause your target to Combust again, with subsequent Combusts being able to trigger this same effect. This can chain to a maximum of 5 total Combusts.
Talent wizard 3.jpg Fire Affinity 40 Increases your Fire Power by 1%. Ultimate wizard 3.jpg Rain of Destruction Every 5th critical strike, fire rains from the sky, dealing 150% standard level fire damage to all enemies caught within.


Enhancing the mighty powers of both fire and ice, Arcane is further made more dynamic by the potential for invisibility.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
SorcerersWill.png Sorcerer's Will 35 When you are dealt fatal damage, the damage is reduced by 1%, possibly causing it not to be fatal. This reduction is doubled if the damage is magic damage. VigilantEnergies.png Vigilant Energies When you lose 10% or more of your maximum life in a single hit, the damage is reduced by 100% and both Fire Burst and Frost Nova immediately finish their cooldowns. This effect can occur once ever 60 seconds.
Talent wizard 4.jpg Frostfire 20 Your single target spells and attacks have a 15% chance to deal 10% bonus standard level damage. Frostfire’s damage will be the greater of ice or fire. Ultimate wizard 4.jpg Arcane Destruction All of your area effect spells deal 20% increased damage.
Talent wizard 5.jpg Master of the Arcane 20 You gain 2% increased Savagery. Ultimate wizard 5b.png Invisibility Cloaks an ally with invisibility for a limited duration. After the effect ends, or if case while in combat, you will gain the Blur effect for 15 seconds, causing all attacks against you to have a 50% chance to miss.
Talent wizard 6.jpg Kalisar’s Vitality 15 Your Vitality and base Maximum Health are increased by 1%. Ultimate wizard 6.jpg Mage Armor You gain 5% increased Armor and Magic Resist for every 20% of your Maximum Mana you have unspent.
Talent wizard 7.jpg Rift Bonded 15 Your Maximum Mana is increased by 65 and your Mana Regeneration is increased by 0,5per second. Ultimate wizard 7.jpg Rift Fluctuations Every 9 to 18 seconds you restore 4% of your Maximum Mana.


The chillig potency of Ice is vast, it can savagely attack foes as well offer its users powerful protections.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent wizard 8.jpg Brittling Chill 5 Your single target ice spells cause your target to take a 4% reduction to their Armor and Magic Resist for 10 seconds. Ultimate wizard 8.jpg Frost Barrier Ice Shield now additionally grants an absorb shield proportional to Ice Shields's power.
Talent wizard 9.jpg Ice Bloom 10 Casting an ice spell grants you a charge of Ice Bloom, boosting your Ice Mastery by 0,5% for 10 seconds. Ice Bloom can stack up to 3 times , each stack multiplying the effect and refreshing duration. Ultimate wizard 9.png Frost Nova An explosion of ice erupts around you, causing all nearby enemies to take ice damage and be stunned for 7 seconds.
Talent wizard 10.jpg Thermal Shell 20 1% of your Ice Mastery is added to your Armor. Ultimate wizard 10.jpg Thermal Core Thermal Shell now equally effects Magic Resist as much as it does Armor.
FrostDominance.png Frost Dominance 30 When you critically strike with an ice spell, there is a 6,5% chance that the enemy is stunned for 7 seconds and you regain 1,3% of your missing Mana. Shatter.png Shatter If either Glacial Spike or Hoarfrost fail to critically strike, then they successfully critically strike instead. This effect can occur once every 60 seconds.
Talent wizard 11.jpg Ice Affinity 40 Increases your Ice Power by 1%. Ultimate wizard 11.jpg Cold Blooded Ice Javelin's base damage is increased by 150%.

Active abilities[]

In Villagers & Heroes, both active and passive abilities are granted through Runes, which are found on items. To see a list of all Runes and Abilities available to the Wizard class, check out the full article below!

Full article: Wizard Runes

Unique Gear[]

Wizard can use the following unique gear:

  • Staffs: Despite their appearance, these are ranged weapons in the hands of a Wizard. Capable of unleashing the ravaging forces of fire and ice, the real power of wizard staff lie in the runed abilities they contain.
  • Spellbooks: Unique to the Wizard class, spellbooks hold unique runes and can provide powerful bonuses. (Minimum level 45)