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What Does Eugenio Know?
Level 3
Type Main quest
Location Summer's Hollow

What Does Eugenio Know? is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

An unknown villain calling themselves, 'The Malicious Miscreant' is placing vanishing curses upon the residents of this town. I'll need to investigate in hopes of uncovering this insidious plot. Mayor Gummel suggested I start with Eugenio.




  • Talk with Eugenio in Summer's Hollow.
  • Talk to Priam at the Negrescu Vineyard in Dagmar Strand.


  • 83 copper
  • 2520 XP
  • Uncommom Axe (different depending on the played class)


  • Talk to Eugenio and he'll tell that maybe Carwen could be the miscreant. He'll give you a few tips to whom to talk to.
  • Enter Dagmar Strand and start walking to the Negrescu Vineyard at E3.
  • Ask her about Carwen. this ends the quest, but keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: Defending the Grapevine.


You "A hero you say... hmmm..."

Mayor Gummel: "Yes, a hero! A hero with a brain, who can unravel this bizarre mystery and save us all! What do you say, <Player Name>? Are you up to it?"

You "I accept! I will endeavor to save Summer's Hollow!"

Mayor Gummel: "Excellent! Now then, I suggest you start by talking to some of the villagers."

You "Where should I start?"

Mayor Gummel: "Try Eugenio. He grew up in Summer's Hollow, and is bound to know much about our little town."

Eugenio: "Gotta stay calm... gotta stay calm! The main thing is to NOT panic!" You "Agreed!"

Eugenio: "Take Carwen, for example. You don't see her screaming hysterically, or sobbing over vanished villagers. A real pro that one, cool as a cucumber!"

You "Who is Carwen?"

Eugenio: "Only the most exquisite creature in all the land! She's an aspiring actress, and Clementine DeClancy's understudy in the play."

You "Her understudy? And calm during all this? Sounds suspicious!"

Eugenio: "Carwen, the Miscreant? No! Though I stutter and twitch whenever I'm around her, so I can't say I know her all that well."

You "I'll get to know her. Carwen is my first lead in the case!"

Eugenio: "I'm hopelessly smitten with her. Maybe after you talk to her, you could give me some tips on how to not fall apart in her presence? She grew up in Dagmar Fields. Try talking to some of her neighbors there."

You "Who should I speak to first?"

Eugenio: "Start with Priam, near the vineyards. She's a raving lunatic, but every now and then she makes sense." You "Thank you."

Eugenio: "Good luck, <Player Name>!"

Priam Negrescu: "Oh, mama loves you! Mama does! Shh... the little darlings..."

You "Priam, what can you tell me about Carwen?"

Priam Negrescu: "Shh. There, there. It's just a funny looking hero, don't be scared. The poor little darlings are frightened of you, <Player Name>."

Gained 2520 experience!