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Wenda of the Coterie
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Shadenor

Wenda of the Coterie is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Dyfel says that Lem was briefly imprisoned, just before the Blights hit. He suggests talking to another member of the Coterie, Wenda, who used to be a member of the Royal Guard.




  • Find Wenda of the Coterie somewhere in Shadenor.


  • 74 silver
  • 150k XP


  • Wenda stands at G3 (close to the fishing spots) on Shadenor. Talk to her.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the next quest: The Last Prisoner.


Wenda: "The foul creatures of this island have no respect for our past. They leave their mess and debris everywhere without regard for the importance of the grandeur which once existed on this island. Our great race once built palaces and temples! Shame on these creatures."

You "I'm trying to find out about the last prisoner held in the dungeons, his name was Lem."

Wenda: "Lem? The scraggly boy with the boat? Yea I remember him. I was the one who locked him up. Barwyn of the City Watch brought him to me. I took the lad and stuck him in a cell. A vulgar little commoner he was."

Gained 150k experience!

You "Go on."

Wenda: "What do you mean, 'go on'?"

You "I mean continue. Continue your story."

Wenda: "That's it... that's all I know. Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? I am a superior member of the Royal Guard, I am of Shadenor!"

You "You are also of the Coterie, and an unraveling one at that."

Wenda: "I... oh you! I-- you can't speak to me like that! Who do you-- ahh! Medwyn would have your head! I can't believe you dare! I ought to-- [She continues muttering and screaming for quite sometime.]"

Talking to Wenda again after completing the quest.

Wenda: "[Her angry screams and rants have digressed into what can only be described as insanity.]"

You: "Yea, okay."

Wenda: "Away dragon hopper!"

Continued in: The Last Prisoner.