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Welcome to the Haunted Moors
Level Scaled
Type Event quest
Location The Haunted Moors

Welcome to the Haunted Moors is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

The seasonal Halloween Event has started! Head through the portal in either Summer's Hollow or Ardent City to explore the Hallowed Moors! Earn mounts, outfits, toys, pets and more!


  • None


  • Pop up quest when you enter either Ardent City or Summer's Hollow.


  • Find and speak with Craigamus in the Haunted Moors.


  • 119k XP (different depending on your level)
  • 50 Candy Corn
  • 3 Halloween Fireworks


Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.
  • The reward items vanish when the event zone closes.


Craigamus: "Welcome, traveler."

You "What is this place?"

Craigamus: "It is the Haunted Moors. An eerie and hallowed place, filled with strange and mystical dangers."

You "I'm glad to be here."

Craigamus: "There are difficult challenges and great rewards for those who persevere."

You "I'm ready for it."

Craigamus: "Help those who are friendly, and defeat those who stand against you."