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Vogel of the Coterie
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location The Scarlet Isle

Vogel of the Coterie is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Benthe doesn't know anymore of the story of the boy Lem, but thinks that Vogel in Bloodstone might.




  • Find Vogel of the Coterie somewhere in Bloodstone.
  • Return to Benthe with her Bottle of Scarlet Mead.


  • 74 silver
  • 75k XP



Vogel: "Ribbons. My memories and thoughts, all unwound like ribbons. Pulled apart, unraveled by time... time and... I can't remember what it is that unravels me so."

You "Can you tell me about the youth named Lem who came here long ago?"

Vogel: "I always wondered what became of him. Lem was a sweet lad. We invited him to live with us here on the island, back when..."

Gained 75k Elder experience!

You "This island was... nice?"

Vogel: "Yes. Long ago. But Lem did not want to stay. It was during the Clorian festival, I recollect that much, but little else other than that he liked to carve, write, actually, on bits of wood, always chiseling out his thoughts. I'm sure it's long gone by now, that ancient piece of driftwood of his. Although..."

You "Maybe it's still here on this island? I want to search for it!"

Vogel: "Very well then. I should like to know what Lem's thoughts were, too. The Clorian Festival used to take place in the Clorian Sanctum, which is probably just ruins by now, though I can't remember where.

Continued in: Driftwood Etchings.