Villagers and Heroes Wiki

Politics are a fundamental aspect of every village, whether it is closed or open. While Guild Villages generally participate in political environments more than public villages, it is up to the community in each village to decide for themselves the amount of political activity they choose to pursue.


Every Village has a Mayor. Currently the mayor has the following abilities:

  • Changing the Village name
  • Changing the Village slogan
  • Renaming and Assigning ranks

A mayor has no other political power besides the ones listed above and they still have to pay rent

Running and Voting for Mayor[]

By opening up the Village tab (Shift + V) a player who resides in any village can choose to view the ballot and vote for any candidate anonymously. You can also abstain from the voting or simply not vote at all. Additionally, any player is allowed to run for mayor of their village. There are no requirements.

Highlight the image of any candidate to view their slogan if they created one.

To run for mayor, open up the ballot and select the mayor option. Candidates have the option to create a slogan at the bottom of the ballot window. When you run for mayor, you’re not allowed to vote for yourself.

The current mayor is also listed at the top of the ballot window. By highlighting their name, any player can view the results of the previous election, as well as the statistics for each candidate.

The time until the next election can be viewed at the bottom of the ballot window.

It takes a few hours for the results to tally!

Mayor pro tempore[]

If the current mayor resigns from his or her position, then a mayor pro tempore will be selected to act as the temporary mayor. An emergency election will then be called in 3 days to select a new mayor.

Mayor Powers[]

Every mayor has a responsibility to be fair and courteous to the rest of their village if they hope to get a chance at reelection.

By using their powers and communicating with the other villagers a mayor can provide equality and stability to the citizens of their respective village.

Mayors can open up the Village Roster and assign and edit ranks (renaming) to other villagers. Ranks range from levels 1-5

  • 1: No privileges
  • 2: Access to the general vault
  • 3: Access to the reserved vault
  • 4: Access to the reserved vault as well as naming rights
  • 5: All powers mentioned above, as well as right of appointment

Village politics is another form of community interaction, and its purpose is to simulate a fair systematic approach to village life. Down the line there will be more avenues for the village residents to pursue and enhance their communities bond. Politics are not mandatory though, and any player who does not wish to participate in this form of activity can easily do so without being punished or limited in any form.