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Each village has a unique set of gathering nodes for every type of gatherable material in the game. These village gathering nodes work exactly like a normal node, save for a few things. You can only gather from your own village.

Also see main article on Gathering.


Village gathering nodes need to be stocked at one of the eight restocking stations in the village. Nodes can only be stocked when empty, and require exactly 20 natural gathered materials to stock.

The Village stocking bins are circular with bright green roofs, and marked on the map with a green icon. When interacting with the stocking bin, a window will show all of the types and quantity of materials a player can stock using that bin, as well as the amount of materials remaining in the filled nodes. To stock a node, a player drops the material into the village stocking window. That character will receive a small amount of experience towards that gathering skill.

When a village node is stocked, it will fill the node up with 200 to 10 000 of that exact type of material, depending on the rank of the associated Village Projects.

The stocked node is available for all village residents to use.

Some nodes have small animations when stocked - fish nodes show swimming fish, and mushrooms have glowing spores floating over them. (confirmation required).

Note: new villages must initialization the nodes with 50 materials for the first use.


A village node will remain stocked until a player depletes the node. Depleting the node requires pulling all materials from the node.

Mousing over the node will show ’empty’ rather than displaying the corresponding tool. When trying to gather from an empty node, a message will be displayed


The term ‘natural’ refers to any gatherable material that has been pulled from a world gathering node and the description will have the word "Natural" in it. Any resources that has been pulled from a village node will just be plain material. e.g. "Natural Bug" vs "Bug" or "Natural Plant" vs "Plant"

Stocking a village gathering node requires ‘natural’ materials. Resources pulled from the village gathering node can not be used to replenish a depleted node.

Beyond stocking, there is no difference between a natural and a village resource. Both can be used in the exact same fashion during crafting.


When gathering from any village node a player will have a one in fifty chance to pull a cornucopia. Cornucopias are a consumable item that give a 100% chance to find a Mote of Yorick.