When a player purchases a house, that character will become a part of that village. All villages start with a base amount of 35 houses, but through village projects a village can eventually house 60 characters.

Joining a Village

To join a village, locate the orange Village Portal in Summer's Hollow or Ardent City to see a list of public and private villages on your server. Visiting one will take you to that village's instance where you can find an available plot indicated by a green house icon on the map, where you will find a wooden sign that you can click to place your house.

At this time, it is not possible to create a new village. Each server has many to choose from!

The Mayor

Every village has a mayor. The creator of the village will be the first elected mayor. Mayorship can be passed on if the current mayor wishes to do so.

The Mayor currently has a few special abilities:

  • A mayor can change the name and slogan of the village
  • A mayor can use the Empyrean Machine, Soilworks and Arboretum to change the village's environment
  • A mayor can create and assign ranks to the villagers
  • A mayor can make the village vaults reserved
  • A mayor can appoint Deputy Mayors

Village Benefits

As a village grows in size, they will begin to collect benefits. These benefits can range from bonus experience, to increased chances of lucky finds. These benefits will be given to all members of a village.

To see a full list of village perks, check the town hall of the village.

Community Vault

Every Village is given a shared vault that behaves much like a character's normal vault, except that it is shared among members of the village. Any member of the village can freely deposit or withdraw from the shared vault. Non-village members cannot access a village vault.

Village Types

There are two types of villages: open villages and guild villages.

Open Villages:

Open villages are open to settlement to anyone. Any character at anytime can purchase a house in an open village.

Guild Villages:

Guild Villages are owned by a guild. Guild villages are private, meaning that in order for character to move into the village, they must be part of the owning guild. If a guild village has less then 40/60 housing slots open, they will become an open village, meaning even a non-member can have a house there.

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