Understanding the Understudy

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Understanding the Understudy
Level 4
Type Main quest
Location Dagmar Strand

Understanding the Understudy is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Hubert said he just saw Carwen on her way down to Bedden Orchard to practice her lines for the play. With Clementine gone, Carwen now has the starring role. I should go talk to her!




  • Talk to Carwen in Bedden Orchard on the east side of Dagmar Strand.
  • Return to Eugenio. He should be in Summer's Hollow.


  • 1 silver, 20 copper
  • 9800 XP
  • Rare Shaman Belt (different depending on the played class)


  • Go west to Bedden Orchard and talk to Carwen and ask her what she was doing in the barn. She doesn't really tell you anything.
  • Return to Eugenio in Summer's Hollow and tell him all that you learned.
  • Keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: The Scoop On Drama.


Talking to Carwen[edit | edit source]

Carwen: "Death! Can this be! Fie! Invidious poison that so cruelly seeps into my emboldened heart! Did you like totally feel my angst just then?"

You "Carwen, I need to ask you some questions."

Carwen: "It's sad about Clementine, but the show must go on! Do you think I'll get a standing ovation every night of the play?"

You "Not if the Miscreant vanishes everyone in the audience. What were you doing in the shack?" Carwen: "And do you think they'll give me enormous bouquets of daisies? I just LOVE daisies!"

You "Listen up, you silly girl, I need to know what you were doing in the shack!"

Carwen: "EXCUSE ME? Silly? Careful, <Player Name>, the last person who called me silly vanished right into thin air. So maybe you ought to watch your manners."

You "Please just tell me what were you doing in the spider infested shack."

Carwen: "I got something I needed, and that's all I have to say. Oh, and whatever that shiny black broken thing in there with the emeralds on it was, it wasn't me who broke it! So don't say I did. Now go away!"

You "Shiny black broken thing? I didn't see anything like that..."

Carwen: "I really MUST get back to rehearsing now! Go away, <Player Name>!"

You "Fine. Meeting you has been... educational."

Carwen: "I Calypso! Bid you farewell!"

Talking to Eugenio[edit | edit source]

Eugenio: "I'm reading a book, about the art of wooing. It says I should lay off the garlic."

You "That would be wise, Eugenio."

Eugenio: "So did you find out about Carwen?"

You "Yes! She is definitely my number one suspect so far!"

Eugenio: "Oh, stop kidding with me. Of course Carwen isn't the Miscreant. Now, what did you learn to help me woo her?"

Gained 9800 experience!

You "She likes daisies and bileweed bubblegum. And poisoning people."

Eugenio: "Ha! Nothing like teasing a fellow in love! But Bileweed bubblegum and daisies, eh? I'm going to send her some! Well, would you look at that!"

You "Look at what?"

Eugenio: "Hugo. He just walked by, all in a temper. His moods can be violently dark, that's for sure. I do feel bad for him though, what with Clementine having vanished and all."

(!)You "Hugo has a violent temper? Sounds like my next lead!"

Eugenio: "Talk to talk Gormlaith if you want to know more. She usually has the scoop on all the juicy gossip around town."

Continued in: The Scoop On Drama.