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Tying Up Loose Ends
Level 8
Type Main quest
Location Cronk Island

Tying Up Loose Ends is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I spoke with Tarquin. Sadly however, Tarquin does not know who the Malicious Miscreant is. However I learned quite a bit. After finishing up a few loose ends here on Cronk Island, I can return to Viggo.




  • I've learned what I needed to about Tarquin. But I shouldfinish up a few things here in Cronk Island. Return to Lorcan and tell him about Ottokar and Gallyfern Prison
  • Return to Rosemunda on the Black Shores of Cronk Island. Decide if you wish to tell her where Lorcan is hiding, or keep it a secret.
  • Return to Viggo. He should be in Summer's Hollow and give him Tarquin's Autobiography. I can read it by looking at the item in my inventory.


  • 2 silver, 90 copper
  • 36,4k XP
  • Rare Shaman Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Go talk to Lorcan (E6) and tell him Ottokar is dead and that you have found the Gallyfern prison.
  • Return to Rosemunda and tell her
    • the truth = where Lorcan is = you get 1 Socket and 1 Royal Health Regen
    • Or lie =tell her that you don't know where Lorcan is = receive: nothing from her. Then return to Lorcan who will give you the reward for keeping his secret.
  • Finally return to Viggo in Summer's Hollow and give him the latest update of all you have found out. You also have received Tarquin's Autobiography.
  • Continue talking to him to begin Hunting for a Hag quest.


Lorcan: "It's hard to make a living as a one-handed bandit!"

You "I defeated Ottokar for you."

Lorcan: "That ought to teach him not to eat a guy's hand! Thank you, <Player Name>!"

You "Sure. Now I'm off, back to Summer's Hollow."

Lorcan: "Hmm, I bet you'll be passing near Rosemunda then. Could you please not mention to her where I am hiding? I'd really appreciate it!"

You "We'll see."

Lorcan: "Farewell, <Player Name>. Thanks for giving me a hand!"

Rosemunda: "I will never give up! Not ever! Have you found my precious Lorcan?"

You "(Lie) I didn't see Lorcan anywhere."

Rosemunda: "What a pity. I was sure he was here somewhere!"

You "I'm sorry, I looked everywhere."

Rosemunda: "Well, you did what you could. I think I'll keep looking though."

You "Good luck with that."

Rosemunda: "Thanks for your help, <Player Name>."

Lorcan: "I knew I could count on you! You kept my secret!"

You "I figured she was more crazy than you were evil."

Lorcan: "Please take these! As a gift!"

You "Thanks. But I must be going now."

Lorcan: "Of course. Farewell, good <Player Name>!"

You received Socket! You received Royal Mana Regen! (only because you lied to Rosemunda)

Viggo: "Eh, well, bit of a swim to get there? Did you manage to make it to Cronk Island?"

You "Yes! And I found Tarquin, a luckily-for-me talkative criminal."

Viggo: "Incredible!"

You lost 1x Tarquin's Autobiography.

Gained 34.6k experience!

You "He even gave me part of his autobiography. Care for a peek?"

Viggo: "Would I ever! Oh, this is something. I'm getting teary eyed just reading about the deaths of the Legendary Four."

You "Tragic. But so heroic. I should get back to work now!"

Viggo: "What is your next step?"

You "I need to find a sea hag who might know something about an evil broken chalice."

Viggo: "Ah, ask Beppe, the wizard. She's retired now, but keeps up on the local magic users in the area. She might know of a sea hag."

Continued in: Hunting for a Hag.