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Toy Time: Play Soldier
Level Scaled
Type Daily quest
Location Grinchta's Lair

Toy Time: Play Soldier is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I've been tasked with creating Christmas toys for children.


  • None



  • Create a Christmas Toy Soldier using my crafting skills, particularly Smithing.
  • Return to Sumperump in Grinchta's Lair and give him the Christmas Toy Soldier.



  • This is a daily Quest.
  • At the smithing anvil one can see what materials are needed to make a Christmas Toy Soldier.
  • Return to Sumperump G7.
  • This ends the quest and you get your reward.

Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.
  • The reward items vanish when the event zone closes.
  • Do not make more than one complete toy per day. Any extra will be deleted when you turn in the quest.
    • You can make extra of the toy's components, just don't do the final assembly.
  • Don't bother collecting extra of the Small Soldier Button because they will also be deleted when you turn the quest in.
  • Check out Grinchta's Lair Toy Crafting Guide for all ingredients needed to make the toys.



Sumperump: "Would you like to help create Christmas toys for children?"

You: "Sure!"

Sumperump: "I want you to create a Christmas Toy Soldier. You'll need to use all of your crafting skills, but I can teach you the recipes now. Once you've finished with it bring it back to me."

Upon Return

Sumperump: "Did you make a Christmas Toy Soldier?"

You: "I made a Christmas Toy Soldier."

Sumperump: "Thank you for your help, <Player Name>!"

You: "Later."