Tillothy's Journal - Page 11
Tillothys journal.png
Tillothy's Journal - Page 11
Level N/A

Tillothy's Journal - Page 11 is an item in Villagers & Heroes.

Day 37. Another builder has vansihed today, Carla's boy. That makes four so far. The rest of us are beginning to get restless, me among the worst. What is bravery if not stupidity? Gerald continues to push us, he seems uncaring about the vanishings and his demeanor has taken a sharp turn for the worst. He continues to frequent Turnapin, while we continue to slave away. His whip is at our backs, and the mountain is crushing down from above, how long can we last?


  • Found at the left side of C4 (behind bounty Slashick) in the Gortrin Passage.
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