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Till Death Do Us Part
Level 71
Type Main quest
Location Keppel Cavern

Till Death Do Us Part is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Lapoose needs me to find out why he was kidnapped from Shiverspine, and just what it was that was done to him in the cave here that turned him into a Neanderthal.




  • Find the Unseemly Sisters (Keppel Cavern (G6 Archway), (H5 Archway)) and show the stone etching to them. Lapoose said they are on the eastern spire.
  • Find Augusta (G7 Archway), the 4th Unseemly Sister, and give her a haircut.
  • Give Augusta's curly locks to the Unseemly Sisters, who will be able to decipher the other half of the recipe for the key with it.
  • Find Boyet (G7) and ask him about a Mewter Rodge Pearl.
  • Find and kill Iagor, retrieving Boyet's Swimming Medals.
  • Bring the medals back to Boyet.
  • Return to the 3 sisters and ask them about Almandine Mist.
  • Enter the Reading Hall of Ghost and speak with Tallulah.
  • Find Seper the guardian of the Almadine Well.
  • Return to Estey the Unseemly and see if she can help me locate some Tipple.
  • Mine 8 Tipple.
  • When have all of the ingredients to create the key double click or double tap on one of the ingredients.
  • Create a copy of the Charmed Replica Key.
  • Use the key to get into the mysterious cave and learn what Pyrrus has been doing in there and why.
  • Search the cave for the research manual that Florizel mentioned (last cabinet).
  • Bring the research manual back to Florizel.
  • I need to return to Lapoose and explain to him what it was that Pyrrus' gurus did to him in the cave and why.


  • 51 silver
  • 1,3m XP
  • Key to the Spire
  • Uncommon trinket (different depending on the played class)


This is a chain quest:

  • For the sisters: take the Arch Portal at G6 (a little bit south of the bounty:Dar'acktur). Run a few steps more to the south and take the next Arch Portal at H5 which leads you to the hiding place of the 3 sisters.
  • For Augusta: Leave this area through the Arch Portal and run southwards to the next Arch Portal at G7 (most South/eastern tip of the island). Run through the portal.
  • For the Sisters:Jump into the water and again take the Arch Portal at G6 (a little bit south of the bounty:Dar'acktur). Run a few steps more to the south and take the next Arch Portal at H5 which leads you to the hiding place of the 3 sisters. Give the Augusta's Ember Fleece to Estey the Unseemly who now gives you the Charmed Key Replica Recipe. She also tells you to find Boyet. Leave the area through the portal.
  • For Boyet: after leaving the sisters, run south to the waterside. Boyet stands in front of a little tent, talk to him. He'll give you the Mewter Rodge Pearl if you kill Iagor, who has Boyet's Swimming Medals.
  • For Iagor: run around the tip of the island and at F/G7 there is a tiny island where he stands. Kill him and pick up the medals.
  • Run back to Boyet and trade him the medals for the Mewter Rodge Pearl. Keep talking to him and ask him about the Almandine Mist (needed for the key you have to make). He'll tell you to ask Estey the Unseemly, the wisest of the sisters about where to get it.
  • For the sisters: take the Arch Portal at G6 (a little bit south of the bounty:Dar'acktur). Run a few steps more to the south and take the next Arch Portal at H5 which leads you to the hiding place of the 3 sisters.
  • For the Library: south center of the map, E8, run over there.
    • Talk to Tallulah, asking her about the Almandine Mist. She'll tell you to find the Almadine Well inside the Library. Run further into the library and look for Seper.
    • Talk to Seper and she'll give you 3 Almandine Mist. Return to the sisters.
  • For the sisters: take the Arch Portal at G6 (a little bit south of the bounty:Dar'acktur). Run a few steps more to the south and take the next Arch Portal at H5 which leads you to the hiding place of the 3 sisters.
  • Run to the SW B7 and mine the 8 Tipple, a level 1 mining node.
  • Now you have all the ingredients to make the Charmed Replica Key (8 Tipple, the 3 Almandine Mist and the Mewter Rodge Pearl): double click on one of the items ot get the key.
  • Use the key to enter the mysterious cave (G2). Talk to Florizel, she'll tell you the whole story if you find the Mystical Splicing: Reanimation of the Dead manual. Run to the bounty: Testin flint, just next to him is a Research Cabinet where this manual is. Give it to Florizel. She'll give you the next quest: Meds for Mutants and an item: a Spliced Ear Lobe.
  • (In case you loose key, return to the following NPC's to get the ingredients again: Boyet G7, Seper D8 and collect the tipples at B7 and combine them again).
  • Return to Lapoose D4 and explain him everything.
  • This ends this quest and you get your reward.

Extra Info


Picking up quest

Lapoose: "You've got the dazed look of someone who just stumbled across a mysterious tropical beach hidden inexplicably beneath a rocky mountain in the middle of the dusty Badlands."

You "You're awfully articulate for a Neanderthal."

Lapoose: "Oooga booga! Gawooga booga! Better?"

You "Sure. No. Huh? Who are you, and what is this place?"

Lapoose: "I can tell you little other than nothing is as it seems here. Take myself for example. I was a mild mannered Professor of Theology living in Shiverspine studying the effects of ice upon morality. And now I'm..."

You "...a caveman in the tropics standing next to a pile of raw meat. Strange. How did you get here, Lapoose?"

Lapoose: "They came during the night, a thuggish group of winged gargoyles, and took us. They laughed and hurt us, and said we were to be food for thought. They said we were the price of love, and that Lord Pyrrus would never give up. Then they led us into a screaming cave and that's the last thing I remember."

You "A screaming cave? The price of love? This is a mystery I would like to solve!"

Lapoose: "Oh, please do, <player_name>! Being a hairy Neanderthal is not at all to my liking. Find out what they did to me in that terrible cave and why."

You "I'm on it, Lapoose!"

Lapoose: "I'm afraid I don't know where the cave is exactly. Or if I did know, I can't remember because these days I only ever think about eating raw meat. However, I did find this object when I was in there. It's a small stone etching of a woman."

You "A clue! Any idea who this woman is?"

Lapoose: "None. Meat good. But the Unseemly Sisters might know. They sit atop the eastern spire, getting to them is a bit tricky, though. So long and good luck, <player_name>!"

The Unseemly Sisters

Estey the Unseemly: "I suppose you're rather pleased with yourself for having found your way up here. Well, don't be! Just look where vanity got us! We were once the three most stunningly beautiful women in all of Maiden. And now we are hideous."

You "By any chance were you kidnapped by flying gargoyles, then brought here and made ugly in a mysterious cave?"

Estey the Unseemly: "Indeed! But we weren't just made ugly, we were, I can't! It is too unseemly to speak of! Unnatural magics and abhorrent ideas! I will say no more on the subject."

You "Oh, go on. Say more. No? Okay, well then maybe you can tell me something about the woman in this stone etching I have here. Do you know who she is?"

Estey the Unseemly: "Of course. That's Imogen. Look around you. This whole beautiful region was modeled after the place she grew up in, Keppel Island. Lord Pyrrus went to great lengths to magically recreate the tropical home of his deceased bride."

You "But why? Imogen is dead, and has been for ages, so it's not like she can enjoy it or anything."

Estey the Unseemly: "*cough* *cough* Yes...that is true. Imogen is...dead."

You "What aren't you telling me?"

Estey the Unseemly: "I will say nothing more, except that the cave you seek is protected by an enchanted barrier. Only a charmed key will unlock it, and Abergavenny keeps that key with him at all times in the Forbidden Tower."

You "If you're about to tell me that I have to save up another bazillion medallions in order to get inside of the Forbidden Tower, then I'm going to seriously lose it!"

Estey the Unseemly: "Actually, I was going to suggest that you forge a new key. I just so happen to have a list of the enchanted ingredients necessary to craft the key. However, it is only a partial list. I'm afraid that Augusta, our wayward fourth sister, took a shine to the list and did a bit of rolling upon it. The ink is now quite smeared within her curly locks. But if you bring me Augusta's locks, I believe I can still decipher the lettering."

You "You want me to give your sister a haircut? Um, will she let me?"

Estey the Unseemly: "If you lavish her with compliments she will. But do be careful. Ever since Augusta, I can't! It is too unseemly to speak of! Farewell, <player_name>."

Estey the Unseemly

Estey the Unseemly: "Have you found Augusta yet?"

You "Not yet."

Estey the Unseemly: "You better find her if you want that key."


Augusta: "Baaa-aaaah. Baaaa-aaaah."

You "Augusta, I've been looking everywhere for a woman with a helm! Would it have killed your sister to tell me that her fourth sibling was a sheep? Well, anyway, I really need to shear you now. Your curly, ink-smeared locks are quite important."

Augusta: "Baaa-aaaah."

1 You "Please, please, please let me shear you, Augusta!" Augusta: "Baaa-aaaah. Baaaa-aaaah."

3 You "I've had it with this whole kooky place! I'm outta here!" Augusta: "Baaa-aaaah. Baaaa-aaaah."

2 You "You are a stunning creature. Those dainty paws, that sublime snout, and such magnificent eyes! You are the muse of many a love struck poet, oh, beautiful Augusta." Augusta: "BaaaaHA! BaaaaHA!"

You received Augusta's Ember Fleece!

You "Bye Augusta."

Augusta: "Baaabye."

Estey the Unseemly

Estey the Unseemly: "Did Augusta bite you? I'm afraid she's grown rather moody since her...change."

You "You mean since she got turned into a sheep? I'd be moody, too!"

Estey the Unseemly: "She wasn't turned into, I can't! It is too unseemly to speak of! I will say only that an extremely perverse form of gnogmentation has been taking place upon this island. Now then. Let me have my sister's fleece, and I'll decipher the list of ingredients needed for you to forge the charmed key with."

You lost 1x Augusta's Ember Fleece.

You "This must be some charmed key because I've never heard of any of these odd ingredients. What's a 'mewter rodge?'"

Estey the Unseemly: "Talk to Boyet, he might have an extra one. But mind your manners around him! He's still awfully sensitive about the hoof issue. Farewell, <player_name>!"

You "Right. The hoof issue... Thanks and good bye, Unseemly Sisters."

Estey the Unseemly: "Find it all, and combine it! Do it!"

You "Bye."

Estey the Unseemly: "Good tidings, <player_name>."

Estey the Unseemly

Estey the Unseemly:: "Watch out for vanity, it will turn you... no, I can't! It is too unseemly to speak of!"


Boyet: "Not a word. Understand? I don't want to hear a single word from you about it!"

You "Um, I'm guessing this has something to do with the hoof issue?"

Boyet: "What did I just say? Huh? Not a word! You think I enjoy having furry hands and horsey hooves instead of feet? Would you enjoy it? Huh? Would you?"

You "Naaaaay. Sorry, that was in bad taste. I'm just horsing around. Oops. I did it again. That was the last time, I promise. So listen, Boyet. I'm looking for something called a 'Mewter Rodge.' I need a pearl from it. Any chance you might be able to help?"

Boyet: "I'm a world class diver. Of course I have Mewter Rodges. Just because I now have hooves doesn't mean that I can't still swim to the bottom of the ocean and pry up tasty Mewter Rodges when I feel like it. I even have several pearls from them."

You "Mystical shell fish! A-ha! So that's what Mewter Rodges are."

Boyet: "Demonic mystical shell fish, but, yes. And they are exceedingly rare. So I'll want something in return, of course. I don't know what they did to me in that cave, but I do remember a twisted guru Sindhal named Iagor who cackled as he ripped my swimming medals away from me. I want my medals back, and I want Iagor dead! He sometimes lurks around the Reading Hall of Ghosts. Do we have a deal?"

You "Absolutely! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from following through on this deal. Oops, did it again. Later, Boyet!"

Boyet: "Get out of here!"

Returning with the medals

Boyet: "Did you kill him? Huh? Did you? And my medals? Did you get my medals?"

You "Hold your horses. Oops, sorry, couldn't help that one. Yes! I have defeated Iagor, and I have your swimming medals for you. Now how about that Mewter Rodge pearl please?"

Boyet: "It is so good to have these back, thank you, <player_name>. Here is a Mewter Rodge pearl."

You received Mewter Rodge Pearl! You lost 1x Boyet's Swimming Medals.

You "Boyet, do you know where I could find a few drops of Almandine mist?"

Boyet: "I have heard of the stuff, not sure where it's from or how to get it. You should find the Unseemly Sisters. They know most everything about this place."

You "Thanks Boyet!"

Boyet: "Find Estey. She seems to be the wisest."

Estey the Unseemly

You "Estey, do you know where I can get some drops of Aldamine mist?"

Estey the Unseemly: "The ghosts have a well that they draw from, though they can be protective of it."

You "'The Ghosts'?"

Estey the Unseemly: "Ah yes, the reading ghosts. They were scholars at one time, and now dwell in the reading hall of ghosts. Have you been to visit?"

You "Are they... angry ghosts?"

Estey the Unseemly: "They won't attack you if that is what you mean. I suppose all of their aggressiveness is focused on their reading, it makes them rather calm, unless you are loud that is."

You "I'll go check them out."

Estey the Unseemly: "Find Tallulah, she seems to be the most cognitive."

Estey the Unseemly

"Have you had a chance to meet the reading ghosts yet?"


Tallulah: "Shh! Quiet! The ghosts are trying to read."

You "Then why aren't they holding any books, and why are you yelling? Nevermind. Tallulah, do you know where I could find a few drops of Almandine mist?'"

Tallulah: "Only the anointed may draw from the well of Almandine. And, you, my dear, are hardly that. But tell me. What is the news from the Forbidden Tower?"

You "Well, let's talk about that. What exactly is in the Forbidden Tower, and what does it have to do with this strange cavern island?"

Tallulah: "The nightmare was birthed here, and it is caged there. An aberration! And yet, Lord Pyrrus perseveres. So many have suffered because of his obsessive love for Imogen."

You "And she's dead."

Tallulah: "*COUGH*COUGH*... I can't speak of this matter anymore. You'll find the Well of Almandine just down there through those chambers. I'm upsetting the ghosts. Please, go."

You "What about all that business about being anointed?"

Tallulah: "That is just something I say to keep the water spirits out. Seper will help you get some vials of mist. I'm upsetting the ghosts. Please, go."


Seper: "Hello meat wad."

You "Wow, that is pretty rude."

Seper: "Well that is what you look like. You have meat hanging from your bones everywhere, it must be exhausting carrying all that around."

You "I'm going to write that off as naivete."

Seper: "What do you need here?"

You "I need some drops of Aldamine Mist. Tallulah said it would be fine."

Seper: "Well of course, if Tallulah said its okay. Here you go."

Estey the Unseemly

Estey the Unseemly: "Have you had a chance to meet the reading ghosts yet?"

You "Actually I did! I was able to get all three drops of Aldamine mist, thank you for the direction!"

Estey the Unseemly: "That is great news, and we love to help."

You "Estey, do you know anything about the Forbidden Tower? Or what Lord Pyrrus is trying to accomplish here in Kepple Cavern?"

Estey the Unseemly: "If only we knew. We are a product of whatever is going on here just like most creatures in this cavern."

You "I haven't seen that many weird folks, though there are a lot of Traven'esque type creatures about."

Estey the Unseemly: "The Traven creatures are a part of Pyrrus' decor for the cavern, pretty heinous if you ask me. But the rest of us are dead and buried near the tipple mines, or... no, I can't! It is too unseemly to speak of!"

You "I am sorry for your loss, but gathering Tipples was actually my next question. I'll leave you be for now..."

Estey the Unseemly: "Watch out for vanity friend..."

Mysterious Cave

Florizel: "I would prefer it if you took your muddy boots and sticky hands elsewhere. This is the sacred shrine of Imogen, and cleanliness must be observed at all times."

You "So this is Imogen, the long dead bride of Lord Pyrrus. How did she die?"

Florizel: "Harrumph! As if you didn't know. The poor sweet girl was killed by the citizens of Ardent of course. You were all so busy butchering each other in that nasty civil war of yours that you didn't even notice when innocent lives like Miss Imogen's were cruelly taken in the bloodbath."

You "Oh, my. I had no idea. I'm awfully sorry."

Florizel: "How sorry? Sorry enough to do something about it? If so, then I would like to now offer you that chance. There are some of us here who do not agree with what Lord Pyrrus is trying to accomplish in this dreadful cave. For gentle Imogen's sake, please put an end to this vile madness once and for all!"

You "Consider it done! And what exactly am I putting an end to?"

Florizel: "I will answer any questions you might have only after you have stopped the insidious clan of gurus who are conducting the unnatural experiments here. You must find their research manual, without it they are useless. If you steal it we can put an end to their schemes."

You "Happily!"

Florizel: "It is somewhere here, though where... I do not know."

Returning with the manual

Florizel: "Has an end been put to this vile madness? Sweet Imogen is gone, and trying to bring that poor girl back from the dead with these hideous splicing experiments is simply an offense I haven't the words for. Please give me Ptolemy's wretched documents so I can destroy each and every one of them! The experiments stop now!"

You "Florizel, I've got a bad feeling about something. Lord Pyrrus already tried, didn't he? Is that what's in the Forbidden Tower? A re-animated version of Imogen?"

Florizel: "Yes, and it's a monster! There is nothing of that girl in the unholy beast they created here. But Lord Pyrrus refused to give up, continued with the ghastly experiments. You have put an end to much suffering today, <player_name>."

You "But is there nothing that can be done for all the poor souls who were already experimented on?"

Florizel: "I can think of only one person who might be able to find a cure for them, a defrocked priest by the name of Humphrey. Though his mental faculties have deteriorated somewhat with all the giggling, he's still a brilliant biologist. You'll find Humphrey in The Crystal Sanctuary. Give him this tissue sample. It's a spliced ear lobe. He might be able to learn something from it."

You "Thanks. Good bye, Florizel."

Florizel: "Goodbye, <player_name>, and good luck!"

You received Spliced Ear Lobe! You lost 1x Mystical Splicing: Re-animation of the Dead.


Lapoose: "Meat good. Were you able to solve the mystery, <Player Name>? What did they do to me in that cave?"

You "Lapoose, I'm awfully sorry to tell you this, but you've been spliced with a Neanderthal. Lord Pyrrus has been trying to bring his dead bride back to life, and has been using innocent people to do experiments on. As of yet, there is no cure. But I'm going to go talk to someone who just might be able to find one for you!"

Lapoose: "Please do, <Player Name>. I'm worried that you'll leave and forget all about me. I don't belong here. I belong in Shiverspine, teaching Ice Theology to pimply teenagers in the snow." You "You do belong in Shiverspine, I will find a way."

Lapoose: "Thank you, <player_name>. Here are is a memento to remind you of your friend, me, Lapoose."

You "Lapoose, this is a valuable object! Thank you! I promise that I will return with a cure for you. Farewell, for now."

Lapoose: "Goodbye, <player_name>. Thank you for everything."