Thorncrest is part of the Seven Realms in Villagers and Heroes

In Thorncrest, rocky mountains and rough terrain dominate the landscape. With little room for farms and crops, the people of this land tend to be secluded and suspicious. The harsh terrain has given rise to groups of wandering monsters and tribes of ferocious barbarians.

When creating a new character, picking Thorncrest as your starting realm gives you:

  • PERMANENT buff: The critical strike chance of all attacks, feats and spells is increased by 34% and critical damage is increased by 25%.
  • 1 Thorncrest Chisel
  • 2 Thorncrest Mastery Dram (increases your mastery by 7 and lasts 1h)
  • 3 Thorncrest Embroidery ( put on your armor and will increase it by 6.

The Realm of Thorncrest has yet to be explored, and is currently inaccessible in game.

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