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The Zorian Bountylands
Level 95
Type Main quest
Location Blight Bay

The Zorian Bountylands is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

The Bounty Hunters of the Zorian Marshlands have returned. It is time to face them.

Now that I am at the height of my combat prowess, I can challenge the Bounty Hunters.

Xiphi knows a way to sneak back into the marshlands, she will take me whenever I'm ready.




  • Travel to the Zorian Bountylands.


  • 74 silver
  • 675k XP



Xiphi: "Alright, <Player_Name>. We are here. My father has stayed behind in Blight Haven. He knows the way here and can help you get back if ever you need to."

You "Excellent."

Xiphi: "So <Player_Name>, are you ready?"

You "Do you know how many bounties I've slain? What are four more?"

Xiphi: "Don't get cocky. These four are tough, in fact they are beyond tough. You will have to be at the top of your game to bring them down."

Gained 675k experience!

You "What makes them so tough?"

Xiphi: "For starters, Queen Zoria has stolen the power of the blights. The negative effects of each blight is present here in the marsh as well as her scrying eye. Though its possible you didn't notice if you already have yourself protected."

You "What else?"

Xiphi: "Queen Zoria has given each of the four incredible power. Jacinda was given the power of trickery, and uses it to weave illusions of herself. Hox has shared his power with three of his children, and all four of them are terrifying, especially their screeches."

You "And the other two?"

Xiphi: "Lannox is a heinous murderer, he uses his power in a savage way trying to murder poor swindles. And Baldok, well he is a big brute, but be wary of his roar."

You "I can take them down, I know it."

Xiphi: "Oh, it's not just the four. Zoria has also empowered the local denizens of the swamps with incredible power, and they guard each of the Bounty Hunters with a ferocity like no other. You will have to get through them first."

You "I see, so where should I start?"

Xiphi: "Some of the local Swindles have organized the best plan of attack. Telida, Tobin, Roany, and Domo are the ones to talk to. They'll get you started and point you in the right direction. Best of luck, <Player_Name>. You are going to need it.

Continued in: Marshland Reclamation.