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The Soul Searcher
Level 88
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

The Soul Searcher is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Otes told me that he hadn't talked to Lysander. But Tobin says that Otes is a liar, and that I need to make him tell me the truth. To do that, I need a long metal rod called a Soul Searcher . This magical tool can tell if someone is lying or not.




  • Return to Vondie in the Zorian Marshland and ask for a Soul Searcher.
  • Return to Otes in the Zorian Marshland and zap him with the Soul Searcher.
  • Return to Tobin in the Zorian Marshland and zap him with the Soul Searcher.


  • 67 silver
  • 750k XP
  • Uncommon Mace (different depending on the played class)


  • You have to return to Vondie at B/C6 and ask for a Soul Searcher.
  • Vondie tests it out on me, I have to tell some true things and lie once.
  • Zap Otes with it and it seems he is telling the thruth! He says it is Tobin who lies.
  • Zap Tobin with it. And he did talk to Lysander!
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: Sicker and Sicker.


Vondie: "Poor Melly, she won't even come inside. It's so awful what those bounty hunters did to Max! And now I hear that Queen Zoria has promised them ownership of these Marshlands, if they catch the priest! Oh, what a horror that would be! They must be after Covigne's treasure."

You "I need to find Lysander before they do!"

Vondie: "I hope you do, <Player Name>! I hope you do!"

You "Vondie, do you have a Soul Searcher?"

Vondie: "Yes, but it's quite old and rather rusty. What do you need it for?"

You "To find Lysander. I think a Swindle named Otes is lying to me."

Vondie: "I never did like Otes. Well, perhaps we can give the Soul Searcher a test to make sure that it is working properly before you take it." You "All right."

Vondie: "Tell me several true things, and one lie. I'll zap you with the Soul Searcher after each statement, and we'll see how it is working. Go!"

You "One time, I defeated the Banshee Queen."

Vondie: "That's true, you did!"

You "I love it whenever I get new Elder Gear."

Vondie: "Oh, you certainly do, don't you!"

You "Last week, I blew up the Auction House with explosives."

Vondie: "That's a lie! You did not blow up the Auction House! Good. The Soul Searcher is working. Here it is."

You "Thanks."

Vondie: "Stay safe out there!"

You received Soul Searcher!

Otes: "You! Here to spy on me again for Tobin?"

You "Nope, just here to do a little zapping."

Otes: "Hey, don't you point that thing at me!"

You "Did you recently talk with the injured priest, Lysander?"

Otes: "No! I did not! And I already told you that!"

You "[Zap him.]"

Otes: "[The Soul Searcher says he is telling the truth.]"

You "I don't understand. You're telling the truth?"

Otes: "Well, of course I'm telling the truth. The only liar around here is Tobin. I'd wager odds that he's the one who actually talked to the priest. And Tobin probably tricked you into helping him with his Treasure Detector. Am I right?"

You "Yes. That lying little sneak!"

Otes: "So go zap him with that thing, and get the truth out of him!"

You "I'll do just that!"

Otes: "Well, off you go, then!"

Tobin: "My Treasure Detector is going to be fantastic!"

You "Did you talk to the injured priest, Lysander?"

Tobin: "I already told you I didn't... is that the... uh-oh... it is. The Soul Searcher. Why do I have a bad feeling that you're about to--"

You "[Zap him.]"

Tobin: "[The Soul Searcher says he is lying.]"

You "You rotten little sneak!"

Tobin: "All right fine. Yes. I did. He was in bad shape, and not making much sense. He was looking for someone named Nadia. I told him the truth, which was that I hadn't seen her!"

You lost 1x Soul Searcher.

Gained 750k experience!

You "Then what happened?"

Tobin: "Then he left. But he didn't get far. He collapsed just down yonder. I think he's still there. You should go look for him."

Continued in: Sicker and Sicker.