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The Last Prisoner
Level 95
Type Side quest
Location Shadenor

The Last Prisoner is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Clearly I'm not going to get anything more out of Wenda. She is on the far end of the spectrum of the Coterie. I'll need to find the palace dungeon myself.




  • With Wenda clearly unraveling, I'm left to my own devices to find the palace dungeon. I should find them and search for a clue.
  • Wenda made mention of another member of the Coterie named Medwyn, I should try to find him somewhere in Shadenor.


  • 74 silver
  • 350k XP


  • At the old temple site at C2 you will find in a pile of rubble, an Old Stool Leg with an etched message from Lem.
  • Now find Medwyn another member of the Coterie. (at C7-8) Talk to him.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the next quest: Efra of the Coterie.


Medwyn: "What is it that you want? You disturb my unraveling..."

You "I need to know about Lem from long ago."

Medwyn: "Curse Lem! I hope he got what he deserved!"

You lost 1x Old Stool Leg.

Gained 350k experience!

You "What do you mean?"

Medwyn: "He escaped from the dungeons, then stole the offerings to Clorian. Lem brought the eternal wrath of the Sea Demon down upon us all."

You "Offerings? You mean the four children? He saved them?"

Medwyn: "And doomed us for all eternity. The offerings had been placed within the Shrine of Clorian to await Clorian's rapture. Lem slipped out in that boat of his in the dead of night, slew the Royal Watchmen, then stole the offerings and sailed away with them."

You "Stop calling children 'offerings.' Then what happened?"

Medwyn: "I don't remember, or rather I cannot remember... I choose not to remember."

You "Who would remember?"

Medwyn: "Efra. She used to be the shrine attendant. She will know."

Talking to Medwyn again after completing the quest.

Medwyn: "What is it that you want? You disturb my unraveling..."

You "Bye."

Medwyn: "Slowly, the wheels of time turn."

Continued in: Efra of the Coterie.