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The Hunt for Lannox
Level 95 scaled
Type Repeatable quest
Location Zorian Bountylands

The Hunt for Lannox is a Dungeon in Villagers & Heroes.

I must now face the four Bounty Hunters, Lannox, Hox, Baldok and Jacinda.




Stage I[]

  • Defeat Lanphulaeon.
  • Defeat Lanoncathos.
  • Defeat Lanvumbrerus
  • Defeat 8 Marsh Dwellers.

Stage II[]

  • Defeat Lanxencas.
  • Defeat Lanzaletheus.
  • Defeat 5 Marsh Dwellers.

Stage III:[]

  • Defeat Lannox the Murderer.



  • Possible runs:
    • Gold: ? minutes
    • Silver: ? minutes
    • Bronze: 20 minutes


Roany: "Have you come to challenge the Elder Dungeon, The Hunt for Lannx?"

You "Yes."

Roany: "Progress through the swamps, then find and kill Lannox the Murderer."

You "I want to do the bronze level Hunt for Lannox."

Roany: "Very well. You will have 20:00 minutes to complete the hunt. Good luck!"


Roany: "Looks like you completed the task I assigned you!"

You "Yup!"

Roany: "Here is your bronze level reward, <Player_Name>!"

You "Thank you!"

Roany: "Of course! Come talk to me again if you want to do another hunt."

You received Lannox's Bag!

Gained 654.5k experience!