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*[[Marshland Reclamation ]]
*[[Marshland Reclamation]]
*[[Domo]] in [[Zorian Bountylands|Zorian Bountielands]] C3
*[[Domo]] in [[Zorian Bountylands]] C3
<h2>Objectives</h2><br />
<h2>Objectives</h2><br />

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The Hunt for Baldok
Level 95
Type Repeatable quest
Location Zorian Bountylands

The Hunt for Baldok is a Dungeon in Villagers & Heroes.

I must now face the four Bounty Hunters, Lannox, Hox, Baldok and Jacinda.




Stage I: Between Bridges[]

  • Defeat Balnimbris.
  • Defeat Balthizeidon.
  • Defeat 6 Marsh Dwellers.

Stage II: Cliff Gambit[]

  • Defeat Balvorates.
  • Defeat Balphandris.
  • Defeat Baldaxion.
  • Defeat 8 Marsh Dwellers.

Stage III: Race to the Roar[]

  • Defeat Baldasaemon.
  • Defeat 4 Marsh Dwellers.

Stage IV: Baldok's Hummock[]

  • Defeat Baldok the Roaring Beast.


Gold: 6 minutes 30 seconds; Gear minimum: Epic; Bonus XP 100%, Bonus gold 100%

Silver: 10 minutes; Gear minimum: Rare; Bonus XP 50%, Bonus gold 50%

Bronze: 14 minutes; Gear minimum: Uncommon; Bonus XP 20%, Bonus gold 20%

No extra rewards: 18 munutes 30 seconds: Gear minimum: Uncommon; Bonus XP 0%, Bonus gold 0%

[Note: usual dungeon reward scaling?]



Domo: "Have you come to challenge the Elder Dungeon, The Hunt for Baldok?"

You "Yes."

Domo: "Progress through the swamps, then find and kill Baldok the Roaring Beast."