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The Heart of the Oasis
Level Scaled
Type Event quest
Location The Oases of Anuk'Amon

The Heart of the Oasis is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

The Equinox Event has started! Head through the portal in either Summer's Hollow or Ardent City to explore the vast desert Oases of Anuk'Amun! Earn mounts, outfits, wings, pets and more!


  • None



  • Find and speak with Akiiki in the Oases of Anuk'Amon.


  • 42k XP
  • 3 Jade Lotus
  • 3 Azure Lotus


  • Talk with Akiiki, which ends the quest and you receive your reward.
  • Keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: The Flow of the Oasis.

Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.
  • The reward items vanish when the event zone closes.


Akiiki: "Welcome, traveler." You "What is this place?"

Akiiki: "It is the Oasis of Anuk'Amon. A mystical section of the desert that is only opened during the Fall Equinox. A strange and mystical place filled with danger."

You "I'm glad to be here."

Akiiki: "There are difficult challenges and great rewards for those who persevere."

You "I'm ready for it."

Akiiki: "Peruse the Oases, help those in need, and defeat those who stand in your way."

Continued in: The Flow of the Oasis.