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The Haunted Moors

The Haunted Moors
Level Range Scaled
Location Event Zones

The Haunted Moors is a Halloween-themed event zone in Villagers & Heroes.

Ghoulish creatures cavort and prowl in this eerie wasteland of wondrous horrors, where that foulest of witches, Druda, awaits all those who dare tread into her terrifying lair. Be prepared for a truly macabre, yet rewarding, experience. For those who live, that is.



Main Quests
Repeatable Quests






  • None

Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes

  • None


Event currency

  • Candy Corn - Earned by doing the above-mentioned quests and defeating bounties, or bought from the Crown Shop.
  • Harmidel and Torbina will sell you items in exchange for your Candy Corn.



Name Price
The Occultist 5,500 Candy Corn
Nocturnal Covenant 5,130 Candy Corn
Mire Covenant 5,130Candy Corn
Nightmare Phylactery 5,130 Candy Corn
Web Witch's Wardrobe Pack 1,950 Candy Corn
The Dullahan Wardrobe Pack 1,425 Candy Corn


Name Price
Golden Winged Messenger 1,275 Candy Corn
Silver Winged Messenger 625 Candy Corn
Copper Winged Messenger 325 Candy Corn
Bog Frog Mask 275 Candy Corn
Cave Brute Mask 275 Candy Corn
Chicken Mask 275 Candy Corn
Clown Mask 275 Candy Corn
Dummy Mask 275 Candy Corn
Razorback Mask 275 Candy Corn
Sheep Mask 275 Candy Corn
Target Mask 275 Candy Corn
Troll Mask 275 Candy Corn
Wolf Mask 275 Candy Corn


Name Price
Broom of the Mire 10,150 Candy Corn
Broom of the Night 10,150 Candy Corn
Nightmare Broom 10,150 Candy Corn
Venomous Bat 7,750 Candy Corn
Skeletal Steed 7,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Horse 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Bat 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Bunny 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Cobra 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Dragon 10,150 Candy Corn
Spectral Fawn 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Rhino 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Skeletal Horse 6,250 Candy Corn
Spectral Tiger 6,250 Candy Corn


Name Price
Bogeyman Mask 5,250 Candy Corn
Baron Brain-Eater 1,150 Candy Corn
Countess Bathory 1,150 Candy Corn
Bogeyworm 775 Candy Corn


Name Price
Bat Wing 3 Candy Corn
Cleansing Sage 2 Candy Corn
Miniature Pumpkin 2 Candy Corn
Witch's Healing Potion 9 Candy Corn
Witch's Mana Potion 9 Candy Corn
Witch's Half Heal 5 Candy Corn
Witch's Half Mana 5 Candy Corn

Drops from Monsters

Item Name Monster Extra info
Witch's Fire Spooky Druda Increase Ability Power by 5%. Lasts for 15mins.
Druda's Spell Book Spooky Druda Contains one of the various one-time spells of Druda.
Dream Dust Dream Incarnation Increase the chance to find bonus loot by 7% and Magic Find by 20%. Lasts for 15mins.
Dream Shade Dream Incarnation Increase Ability Power by 30%. Transform into a Nightmare. Works only in the Haunted Moors. Lasts for 10mins.
Skull Badge Bones Incarnation Bounty Hunter Mark - 1 charge
Skeleton Bones Bones Incarnation Increase max. health by 100%. Transform into a Skeleton. Works only in the Haunted Moors. Lasts for 10mins.
Zombie Harvest Ghoul Incarnation Clockwork Harvester - 1 charge
Zombie Eye Ghoul Incarnation Increase Physical and Magic Protection by 35%. Transform into a Zombie. Works only in the Haunted Moors. Lasts for 10mins.
Otherworldly Essence Wraith Incarnation Unlearn your talents.
Ghost Goop Wraith Incarnation Increase Will, Clarity and Intellect by 200%. Transform into a Spectral Wraith. Works only in the Haunted Moors. Lasts for 10mins.
Stinky Egg Nightmare, Skeleton, Wraith, Zombie Toy - Throw a rotten egg at your target - 5 charges
Last Year's Candy Nightmare, Skeleton, Wraith, Zombie Sell to vendor for a few coins.


Prior to 2017, the event zone was called Spooky Town.