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The Drom

The Drom
Type Dungeon
Level Range 72-73
Location Pyrron

The Drom is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

The ominous shadow of Mallok can be felt with every turn in this deeply enigmatic place, a labyrinthine museum to, not just his memory, ut also to those of the seven grisly orphans Mallok raised into adulthood, insidious prodigies all of them..

Extra Info

  • You get the Key to the Drom after finishing the Crystal Crack-Up quest
  • Teleporters: YELLOW STARS on the map.
    • Bryscol at the lagoon D4, Gragolas: bottom floor E5, Zenelope near the antler vendor Olivet F3
  • Keyquest: YELLOW ! on the map.
  • To get to the telepad:
    • On the bottom tier, take the only up ramp, then go straight at the intersection to get to the first tier
    • On the first tier, take the only up ramp (in top section of tier), then go left at the intersection to get to the second tier
    • On the second tier, take the only up ramp (in top right corner of tier), then go left at the intersection to get to the third tier
    • On the left side of the third tier, go to the middle and jump down onto the ramps below
    • Follow the ramps, going up whenever possible
    • After passing the bounty Banlebee, go up some more. On the left you will soon see the bounty Nysortia on another set of ramps
    • Jump down onto Nysortia's ramps, then go straight past Nysortia. You will soon see the telepad on the right
  • To get to the lagoon:
    • From the telepad, go up
    • Take these turns at each 2+ intersections: left, left, left
  • There is an invisible bridge at the half circle before Ackang's half circle - walk straight to get to Lorym Arkose
  • For the bountyrun there are several possibilities, one has to choose which one, one prefers :)
    • Example: Veetril, Ackang, (invisible bridge) Lorym Arckose, Arghpot, Tinbur Coalgrit, Banban Bunbun, Mosurn, Ch'caic, Morat Obsidine, Ackit, Adriller, Stinglebert, Untina, Dingledon, Wardryn, Ton Loupray, Emortran, Zerim, Vroomer, Prince Zowbur, take antler tp, Bel Rakyr, take lagoon tp, Elm Roth, Ungar Waterborn, Wor Darass, either run down the stairs or start from tp, Nysortia, Orotorom, Mavino, Loram Talcstone, Zeumtan, Cerimhiss, Banlebee, Vesasen, Cheom, Moonfierce, Rattleding, Dodbel, take tp, jump down 1 layer Wigglewere, Nanny Bonegrinder (talk to Caraveggio)







Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes

  • None


(All credits go to Famar)

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