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The Crystal Spire

The Crystal Spire
Type Dungeon
Level Range 70/72
Location Pyrron

The Crystal Spire is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

.Magic of great power is cultivated in this strange glowing region, where perverse and deadly giggles are but one of the many side effects in so arcane a place as this. A theft from lo ago has yet to be righted, and the shimmering crystal spires which rise uneasily from the ground, twisting and turning upwards towards the starry night sky, still echo the beauty of their rightful owner

Extra Info

  • The key for here: need to finish: Till Death Do Us Part.
  • Once you have done the Crystal Crack-Up quest you can warp to the secret spot where a few more npc's are:
  • Andaria, Humphrey, Ibsen
  • Shallara, Travelling Vendor
  • Teleporters: YELLOW STARS on the map
  • Keyquest: YELLOW ! on the map







Crafting Stations

  • Cooking Cauldron C6
  • Spinning Wheel D3, at the landing pad

Gather Nodes

  • None