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Coterie of Gatherers[]

The Coterie of Gatherers (C.O.G. for short) is a group dedicated to making sure that any and all that wish to gather in the 7 realms can do so effectively. C.O.G members are easily recognizable in their green robes and blazing gold emblems.

  • Distributors: C.O.G Distributors will serve out daily rations of supplies to all players. There is a C.O.G Distributor for Fishing, Mining, Plant Lore, and Bug Lore. Visit each of them once per day to collect your share.
  • Patrons: C.O.G Patrons will take Common Supplies from you in trade for C.O.G. coins. C.O.G. coins can be redeemed at a C.O.G. Quartermaster.
  • Quartermasters: C.O.G Quartermasters will sell you Common Supplies in exchange for varying rates of C.O.G coins.
  • Vendors: C.O.G. Vendors will sell Common Supplies for varying rates of gold, the official currency of the Seven Realms.

Daily Rations[]

Every 22 hours, all players will have a stock amount of Common Supplies replenished for free, if they visit COG Distributors. They can be found in Ardent City, Summer’s Hollow, and on the shores of Lake Kiwa, with the other members of their Coterie. Daily rations will be adjusted according to the player’s corresponding skill level.

C.O.G npc’s only deal in Common Supplies, not Superior or Premium.

Charters sell supplies level 1-60 in exchange for tokens

COG Coins[]

COG coins are gained in exchange for supplies at a COG Patron and can be used to buy different supplies at a COG Quartermasters. This way, if there is a skill that a player wishes not to participate in, they have the option to gain more supplies in skills they prefer.