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The Blessings of Tianma
Level 95
Type Main quest
Location Dusk Twins

The Blessings of Tianma is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

The chance of finding the Thistle of Larr was alsmost lost, but a mythical horse has saved us. Tianma may guide me to the thistle, if only I provide it a bountiful offering in exchange.




  • Create an offering for Tianma. If I lose the offering wrap, I can get another from Jurriaan.
  • Place the offering on the altar in Shadenor and be ready to move, anything could happen.
  • Tianma is leading me somewhere, follow her! If I lose track of her, I'll need to make a new offering and start over. C5= altar
  • Claim the Thistle of Larr. If I don't have the pincers, I'll need to make a new set, then make a new offering for Tianma and follow her again.
  • Bring it back to Sapphira De'Brun in Blight Haven.


  • 74 silver
  • 6,3m XP
  • Epic Priest Ring (might be different depending on the played class)


  • You need 25 Plum Tomato (level 91), 25 Verda Sprout (level 93), and 25 Oogre Melon (level 95) = for the offerings.
  • Combine these with the Offering Wrap you got from Jurriaan Lightveil.
  • Place the Tianma's Offering on the altar (at C5 near NPCs) in Shadenor and be ready to move, anything could happen.
  • Run after the horse , quickly - follow and pick The Thistle of Larr at H4 and bring it back to Sapphira De'Brun in Blight Haven, at blight Bay.
  • Here is a spoiler from Diet and a map of the path the ghost horse takes
  • "When you see Tianma, go to her location. If you don't go to right where she is / was, her next location won't be revealed. If you try to skim corners or cut to a next location ahead of schedule, she might stop appearing all together.
    • When you are following Tianma, don't panic if she vanishes from where she was. This is normal. You still have ample time to reach the location. Just focus in on where she was and make sure to move towards that spot.
    • Tianma is always looking towards where she will go next.
    • As you approach where Tianma was, rotate your camera to view where she was looking. As you get close to her location, she will reappear in the distance with a bright pink and white explosion. Immediately start moving towards the next one, don't wait for anything!
    • Avoid mobs as much as you can. Stopping to fight something could result in a failed attempt. Take a wide girth around mobs that are nearby to avoid them attacking you.
    • Speed items are very useful! Use as many as you can. Make sure you are mounted, try to have shop speed + Golden Bridle, have some fleetrindra on hand, even a Xinzen Extract for the pond crossing. Anything you can do helps. However note that you don't actually need any of these things. This Tianma race has been tested with in game default mount speed and it can still be done.
    • When you complete the race and find the Thistle, don't stop to celebrate. The Thistle on remains visible for a short while!
    • And finally, here is a map of her path. If you follow it carefully, maybe even make some pre-trips to get an idea of where she goes, then you will have a better chance of being successful."
  • Image is from one of Diet's post on the forum:


  • This ends another part of the main quest.

Here's a YouTube walk thru:


You received Offering Wrap!

Sapphira De'Brun: "Hello, <Player Name>. I'm glad to see that you're still all in one piece!"

You "Here is the Thistle of Larr."

Sapphira De'Brun: "Is it true that Tianma the mythical horse helped you in this endeavor? To have such a creature trust your judgment is the highest compliment, more than I could ever give. Well done, <Player Name>."

Your reputation with the people of the Shade Blight has increased.

You lost 1x The Thistle of Larr.

Gained 6.3m experience!

You "Good bye for now."

Sapphira De'Brun: "Stay safe in the Blights."