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With permission from Dawnfire/Athon Stormborne

Skill warrior.jpgIntroduction

Warriors are the only pure melee class, focusing on fighting the frontlines and taking a beating for others, wrecking a carnage or simply singing a song of war cries like a true bard.

In this guide I'll go over pretty much everything there is to the warrior class, sharing you my experience and wisdom (and you're free to do as well, since I'm not all knowing).

Very long guide ahead, so get some drinks and snacks ready, and I hope it will be of some use to you.

Note: there will be no build guides in this thread (only links later), this is a more general run down of all things that is warrior, that helps you to create your own powerful builds. So let's get into it, shall we?

Roles and subclasses

In this part I'll detail the 3 subclasses of the warrior class, and the roles they are capable of fulfilling.


Fury Warriors

Roles: DPS, Support

Fury warriors are the main damage dealing subclass of the warrior class. Combining direct and damage over time feats, with some CC and heal, it's main strength is killing single targets with great efficiency. They can also take on a dps heavy support role, utilizing war cries to buff teammates and debuff enemies

This setup also improves their AoE dps by a huge margin due to the Bloodlust and Booming Voice talents, however their single target damage is worse compared to the traditional DPS setup. The greatest weakness of this subclass is that they are vulnerable melee setups. You can offset this quite a few ways but that means less damage, and this subclass is already not high on the damage dealing list (but still any well built Fury warrior will perform well enough, just don't expect to top the dps charts).


Lightning Warriors

Roles: Tank, Support

Lightning warriors are tanks, taking the majority of the damage for their teammates. They are more "selfish" tanks compared to Earth shamans, meaning they have plenty ways to survive and boost their own defenses but actually offer very little to their groups besides tanking itself (if you are looking for a tank that has lots of buffs to their team pick an Earth shaman). However they are also capable dealing higher damage compared to shamans. The Electric Disposition and Spurring Jolts are signature talents for these builds (making you super tanky and be able to use feats mor often). Under ideal circumstances they can rival the damage output of Fury warriors, but for the most part they will deal less damage overall. Just like Fury warriors, they can take on a support role as well, by getting war cries, buffing teammates and debuffing enemies, however going this route will leave less space for tanking feats and it has less synergy effective synergy with Bloodlust too. As such if you want to go supprot I'd rather recommned the Fury route, but it's doable to do that as a Lightning warrior as well, just don't forget, Lightning warriors are first and foremost always tanks due to their feats and rune passives. As mentioned earlier the weak points of this subclass is lower damage in solo environment, little/less support options for team.


Hybrid Warriors

Roles: Tank-DPS

Hybrid warriors are a unique blend, using both Fury and Lightning talents/feats. There are multiple ways to build, however since Lightning is inherently forces you to tank, they are a tank subclass with a very high damage potential. The Electric Disposition and Spurring Jolts are essential part of these builds, along with Endless Rage and/or Lightning Affinity. Point is to get as much Ability Power for both Masteries as possible, take a lot of beating to reduce cooldowns and use your highly damaging feats (such as Whirlwind/Thunderbolt/Pummel) all the time. These kinds of builds I only recommend for group content such as dungeons and only for high level players, as it takes a great amount of talent points to make it work. When it works, it deals the most damage out of any warrior builds. The cons of this, is that it often relies on others for survival, the high level requirement and being very Mana hungry, meaning you will need to use Mana potions.

Weapon sets Warrior is in a unique position that it actually has access to 3 different weapon sets compared to other classes which only have 1. Which one you will pick depends heavily on what role (tank, dps, support) you want to play.

ElderBane.jpgReinforcedPlating m.jpg Sword and Shield

The default warrior setup. Majority of the lightning warriors will want to run this, and some of the fury warriors as well since it offers a great addition to your defenses. Electric Disposition and Spurring Jolts talents will further empower this setup, and very much recommended to take if you decide to run this setup. Overall balanced, a great choice for any build, and should be your default weapon set for leveling.

StrengthOfArms m.jpgSword swashing m.jpg Greatsword

Greatswords are one handed swords with either Strength of Arms (Your Masteries are increased and both your Cooldown Rate and Haste by 10% ) or Swashing (Your Masteries are increased and both your Cooldown Rate and Parry chance by 10% ) runes socketed into them. Their downside is that you are unable to wield a shield with them. However they offer decent bonuses to make up for it. I generally recommend Strength of Arms for most Fury DPS builds, as your offense will be usually enough to take down your foes quickly, and in group content you are not supposed to take very heavy damage. If you need extra survival pick one of the shield options instead of Swashing.

StrengthOfArms m.jpgReinforcedPlating m.jpg Greatsword and Shield

For this option you need to first get a Greatsword (detailed above) and the Heroic Strength ultimate from the Master-at-Arms talents line. There's potential greatness in this setup, probably for hybrid/lightning tank setups, but due to the heavy talent point investment it requires I'd suggest not to take this route, unless you want to experiment. There's just so many other great talents you can take with that 35 points.


Origins are a great way to make up the shortcomings of our builds or enhance certain elements of it above the soft caps. All of these are good viable choices, fulfilling different needs.

EnchantStormhold.jpgStormhold: Reduces the Mana costs of feats and spells by 10%. My personal favourite, this works well with pretty much any warrior build. Recommended for most builds, but if Mana is no issue for you there are other options.

EnchantThorncrest.jpgThorncrest: Boosts your critical chance by 3%. This is added above the Crit cap of 22%, making it possible to reach 25% Crit Chance (although you'll never reach it, due to how the stat system works). Great choice for warrior's looking to increase their damage output.

EnchantGreenhaven.jpgGreenhaven: Reduces magic damage taken by 6%. Just like Thorncrest works above the soft cap of 50% Magic damage reduction (making it possible to reach 56%), so if going full tanky is the way you'd wanna be, you can pick this choice. Though most tanks should have enough defense without, and damage dealers won't really neeed this.

EnchantSunkentooth.jpgSunkentooth: Increases hero experience gained by 3%. If you don't want more crits, and Mana is okay, this is a decent choice for leveling. Yes 3% doesn't seem much, but over the course of reaching max level, especially if you Rebirth, this will add up quite nicely. Pick this if the other options don't offer enough for you.


Talents are one of the main components of your build. Don't worry if you don't get it right first. For some silvers/gold you can reset them any time. Currently you can earn a maximum of 125 talent points (100 for reaching max level 90 and 25 for 5 rebirths). In the next section I'll go over all the talents warrior has, describing them and giving you my opinion of them.

Fury talents

Feat Description
RecklessBehavior.png Reckless Behaviour (5pts): Adds 10% extra damage to your fury feats against targets equal/higher level than you. Also boosts your Berserk epic stat by 15%.
CharmedLife.png Ultimate: Charmed Life: Phoenix Strike now heals for 125% of the damage caused (up from 75%) and also adds +5% chance to Parry attacks.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Small investment and fairly useful for pretty much any warrior build. Phoenix Strike is a staple feat for most builds (on fury builds it’s good damage and heal, while on lightning builds it’s a decent extra heal), and the extra Parry chance and Berserk boost is great (especially for builds who will aim for more defensive setups).
MortalWounds.png Mortal Wounds (10pts): Damaging fury feats have 15% chance to add a DoT dealing 200% standard physical damage over 8 seconds.
FrenziedStrike.png Ultimate: Frenzied Strike (feat): Gap closer, dealing okay damage, while also buffing Attack Speed.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Great for dps setups, I’d consider it a must on any Fury builds, and has some place on more damage oriented Lightning/Hybrid specs, due to its Attack Speed buff. Mortal Wounds also synergizes well with Seething Anger.
SeethingAnger.png Seething Anger (20pts): Phoenix Strike, Raging Blow, Dragon Strike, Basic Attack all deals +10% damage for each DoT you applied to your target. In the the most ideal situation this is +30% damage (Slash DoT, Griffin Strike DoT, Mortal Wounds DoT).
Bloodlust.png Ultimate: Bloodlust: After using Demoralize the next Whirlwind will deal +50% damage, cost 0 Mana, and has a cooldown of 1 second.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Must have for any Fury dps builds running at least one of the Fury DoT feats. Bloodlust is a great addition if you run Demoralize and Whirlwind. For War Cry builds (especially Fury ones) this is a must.
Unbreakable.png Unbreakable (30pts): 15% of your Fury Mastery is added to your Vitality, Armor and Magic Resist.
DragonsFury.png Ultimate: Dragon’s Fury: The following feats get an upgrade: Raging Blow bonus damage Health threshold is now 50% (up fom 30%). Dragon Strike’s damage is now AoE as well. Griffin’s Strike DoT now ticks twice as fast.
Endless sign.png Verdict: If you have trouble staying alive as Fury this can be useful (although for pure survivability I’d suggest Marat’s Vitality). Dragon’s fury offers some good dps options, especially if you use at least 2 of these feats. I’d recommend this to Fury DPS setups.
FuryAffinity.png Endless Rage (40pts): Increases your Fury Ability Power by 40%.
Warpath.png Ultimate: Warpath: Killing an enemy grants you 15% increased Ability Power and 30% increased Movement Speed for 20 seconds.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Amazing talent, boosts Fury feat capabilities by a ton. Warpath enhances that even further. Must have for any Fury/Hybrid builds. Also let's you to become a "puller" in dungeons (meaning you run ahead and pull a group of mobs to your group), due to the increased run speed.

Discipline talents

Feat Description
MasterAtArms.png Master-at-Arms (35pts): 35% of your Expertise is added to the higher of your Masteries.
HeroicStrength.png Ultimate: Heroic Strength: Allows you to wield a Great Sword and Shield at the same time.
Endless sign.png Verdict: I don’t see this being optimal in most builds. If you invest heavily into Expertise to maximize the Mastery boost, even then it won’t make a huge difference due to diminishing returns (the only exception could be Hybrid builds, where it could add a noticable increase to your Ability Power). 35 points is a very steep cost, and there are much better alternatives for extra Mastery/Ability Power. Heroic Strength is fun, could be a great ultimate for tanks, however the cost is way too high.
BoomingVoice.png Booming Voice (20pts): Using a War Cry feat reduces the cooldown of other War Cries by 10 seconds. Also increases the power of all War Cries by 20%.
Battle cry.jpg Ultimate: Battle Cry (feat). Increases the Mastery by 20% of all nearby allies for 15 seconds.
Endless sign.png Verdict: A must for War Cry builds, not really useful for others. Allows War Cry builds to have 100% uptime on Demoralize, Rally, Battle Cry and Turn the Tide, enhancing the capabilities of your team.
ExperiencedBrawler.png Experienced Brawler (20pts): Increases Armor and Magic Resist by 20%.
PitFighter.png Ultimate: Pit Fighter: While Unbreakable Will is active boosts your damage output by 10%. While Surging Howl is on cooldown reduces damage taken by 10%.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Okay choice for tanks and dps builds who need some extra defense. Even more so if you prefer to run with the feats mentioned in Pit Fighter. Still if you don't have Marat’s Vitality and are looking for more survivability, you should take that instead, it offers quite a bit more.
MaratsVitality.png Marat’s Vitality (15pts): Vitality and base Maximum Health is increased by 30%.
Indomitable.png Ultimate: Indomitable: While below 30% Maximum Health, increase healing received by 50% from all sources.
Endless sign.png Verdict: One of the best talents to boost a warrior’s survivability. If you run Juggernaut, this talent will also increase its damage. Indomitable is an amazing lifesaver, that boosts Phoenix Strike’s, Unbreakable Will’s, Lifesteal’s and Static Charge’s healing (and of course healing from outside sources as well). I think all tank builds should have this, and also any dps/support builds that want some extra survivability.
HeartOfMountain.png Heart of the Mountain (15pts): Maximum Mana is increased by 375 and Mana Regeneration is boosted by 60%.
MountainSong.png Ultimate: Mountain Song: Doubles the bonuses of Heart of the Mountain.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Great talent for Mana sustain. If you have issues with Mana this is the one for you. However with proper Mana management stats and smart use of Mana potions you can achieve similar results letting you spend this 15 points elsewhere. Nonetheless I highly recommend most dps/support builds to run this, unless you want to chug Mana potions a lot.

Lightning talents

Feat Description
ShockingStrikes.png Shocking Strikes (5pts): Lightning feats deal +15% damage and generate +50% threat.
ThunderClap.png Ultimate: Thunderclap: Lightning Bolt and Thunderbolt now deal 50% physical damage (up from 0%) equal to their threat.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Any builds that uses damaging Lightning feats, must have this. Same goes for tanks, there is no tanking without this. Get it as soon as possible.
Charge.png Static Charge (10pts): Lightning feats give you a Static Charge. At 5 charges you are healed for 200% standard healing over 10 seconds. The healing is boosted by your Lightning Ability Power.
SpiritOfTheStorm.png Ultimate: Spirit of the Storm (feat): Become invincible for 15 seconds.
Endless sign.png Verdict: Decent sustain for tanks, with a great panic button at the end. If you really wanna be a pure tank take this, otherwise you can skip this line, as there are other sources of healing (especially if you play with a healer).
ElectricDisposition.png Electric Disposition (20pts): Adds +20% Block Chance, and also adds 20% of your Lightning Mastery to Armor and Vitality.
SpurringJolts.png Ultimate: Spurring Jolts: Allows you to block spells. Blocking reduces damage taken by 50%. Blocking also reduces the cooldown of all your ongoing feats by 1 second.
Endless sign.png Verdict: The best talent, for any tank builds, period. The stat boosts are amazing, the extra block is nuts, and Spurring Jolts is one of the best ultimates in the whole game. If you have a shield, you want this talent (wether you are Lightning or Hybrid).
Tempest.png Tempest (30pts): Thunderbird Strike now has 20% chance to cast a Thunderbolt.
TitanicSlam.png Ultimate: Titanic Wrath: Pummel now instantly kills normal enemies and deals +100% damage to bosses. This can occur every 90 seconds. Cooldown is also reset if you use Titanic Power.
Endless sign.png Verdict: In AoE situations this is a fairly good talent for tanks. Extra Thunderbolts are amazing, even if Thunderbird Strike is a bit lackluster in itself. Titanic Wrath can hit for a lot on bosses, letting you generate extra threat and dps. If you run Thunderbird Strike I suggest taking this as well.
StormPower.png Lightning Affinity (40pts): Increases your Lightning Ability Power by 40%.
ItsAlive.png Ultimate: It’s alive: When you take fatal damage, you are instead healed to 100% of your Maximum Health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.
Endless sign.png Verdict: The Lightning Ability Power boost is awesome, the ultimate is not so much. As a tank you should never go down, and if you do quite often that extra life won’t be saving you. Nonetheless for any Lightning/Hybrid builds this is a very much recommended talent for the Lightning Ability Power.

Feats Feats are yet another important aspect of any build. Feats are combat abilities, that defines your playstyle. Weapons can have 7 feats socketed into them (3 for free, rest for sockets), necklaces and class tokens (bracers for warriors) have access to 1-1 free feats.

Fury feats

Feat Description Mana Cost Source Verdict
FrenziedStrike.png Frenzied Strike: Good single target damage skill that acts as a gap closer and Attack Speed buff, increasing your overall damage output. 150 Talents Useful for any build, if you have the talent points for it, get it. I find it superior to Charge, due to its Attack Speed buff.
PhoenixStrike.png Phoenix Strike: Great single target damage, and powerful heal, especially for Fury warriors. When running low it works even better due to Indomitable. 100 Crafting (Sword) Useful for any builds, I consider this the ultimate warrior healing feat (regardless of subclass). With Charmed Life it becomes even more potent.
Sword slash.png Slash: Good single target base damage and powerful DoT, with a debuff that reduces the natural healing rate by 50% of its target. Great against enemies with strong natural regeneration. 50 Crafting (Sword) Fury builds should run this (or Griffin Strike or for dps both), the healing reduction is negligible, but the overall damage is alright. Works best against venerable and elder bosses.
Whirlwind.png Whirlwind: Main AoE damage feat for Fury builds. Synergizes with Bloodlust which turns it into a really heavy hitting feat. Capable of obliterating groups of enemies in seconds when using the Brute Force + 2 Whirlwind + Bloodlust combo. 250 Crafting (Sword) Must for any Fury builds, but potentially any warrior builds can make use of it (who needs more AoE damage). Most powerful in the arsenal of War Cry focused builds.
RagingBlow.png Raging Blow: Raging Blow is good or even great (if enemy health is below 30%) single target damage. Excellent at finishing off wounded enemies and as such I’d only recommend using it at that threshold. Dragon’s Fury makes it more powerful earlier on in fights. Against normal bounties/mobs it shouldn’t matter much, but anything above it nets some dps increase. 100 Drop (Sword) Must for Fury DPS builds, otherwise a good choice for any build looking for some extra late fight damage increase. It's fairly inexpensive and can pack quite a punch.
Sword griffin.png Griffin Strike: Good single target base damage and powerful DoT. Dragon’s Fury makes it our best DoT feat. 50 Drop (Sword) Recommended for Fury DPS builds. With Dragon's Fury it's amazing, otherwise the same as Slash.
Sword demoralize.png Demoralize: AoE debuff, reduces enemies' defenses. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice, Bloodlust talents and other War Cries. 50 Drop (Sword) Must for any War Cry builds, increases team's and your own damage (especially with Bloodlust). Good choice for dps who run Bloodlust and Whirlwind as well.
Sword dragon.png Dragon Strike: Great single target damage and a very high Mana cost, but a strong AoE stun. It offers great extra survivability against group of mobs, and is capable of taking weight off healers shoulders in dungeons by stunning groups. Becomes an AoE damage skill with Dragon’s Fury. 250 Elder Gear (Sword) I recommend this to Fury DPS builds, as it offers great survivability against a group of enemies. With Dragon's Fury it also hits them all quite hard. For non Fury setups, take this for the AoE stun.
ExplosiveAnger.png Explosive Anger: A sweet boost to our Fury Mastery, try to always have it on. Lasts for 20 seconds +2 seconds for each Fury feat used. 0 Drop (Bracer) Offers some extra Fury Power through its Mastery boost. Unless you keep taking aggro in dungeons/boss fights, take this over Veil of Anger.
FuryAggro.jpg Veil of Anger: Instantly removes some threat from your target and makes your feats less threatening for the next 20 seconds. 0 Drop (Bracer) Take this over Explosive Anger, if you generate too much threat (but you shouldn't due to Hysteria's passive 15% threat reduction)

Lightning Feats

Feat Description Mana Cost Source Verdict
SpiritOfTheStorm.png Spirit of the Storm: Your panic button in case you are low on health or about to take huge/fatal damage. 100 Talents Potent feat for tanks. As stated earlier I don't see the talent line leading up to it as necessity for tanking, however if you do get it, this is a good feat for those oh @#&! moments.
Charge.png Charge: Gap closer with good damage, and a short 4 second stun. The only gap closer for Lightning warriors. 50 Crafted (Swords) If you have access to Frenzied Strike take that as your gap closer. Otherwise this is your only choice, and gap closers have quite a few neat tricks to them so definitely pick one of them.
Pummel.png Pummel: Great single target damage, generates extra threat. Becomes an instant kill normal mobs feat with Titanic Wrath (every 90 seconds). Damage is further boosted with Shocking Strikes as well. 100 Crafted (Swords) Must have for tanks. Great damage, super fun to use with Titanic Wrath, and the extra threat generation helps keeping the enemy focused on you.
Thunderbolt.png Thunderbolt: AoE skill, good damage, generates extra threat. Must have Thunderclap, for it to actually deal damage (50% of the threat it does). 50 Crafted (Swords) Must have for tanks. The only AoE feat that generates extra threat. When fighting groups of enemies as a tank this will be your best friend.
LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt: Ranged single target, good damage, generates extra threat. Must have Thunderclap, for it to actually deal damage (50% of the threat it does). 50 Drop (Swords) Great choice for tanks. Yet another feat that lets you generate extra threat. Used to be able to pull enemies from a group, but not anymore. Now it's all about threat and damage.
ThunderbirdStrike.png Thunderbird Strike: Great single target damage, high Mana cost. 150 Drop (Swords) Good choice for Lightning warriors. The feat in itself due to its high Mana cost and cast time is somewhat lackluster, however with the Tempest talent, it has potential to be quite devastating against groups.
Rally.png Rally: AoE buff, giving extra Armor/Magic Resist and a +15% boost to Max Health. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. 50 Drop (Swords) Fun fact, the only feat in game that is actually capable to reduce the damage of other players (when they receive the Health buff, they lose Poise). Must have for War Cry builds, otherwise don't bother with it. The buff doesn't last long enough, the defense boost part is negligible without War Cry talents (and for tanks it should be anyway), only the Max Health is good (but it is lost after 15 seconds).
Sword titanicPower.png Mastery for 20 seconds. Resets the cooldown of Titanic Wrath. 250 Elder Gear (Swords) Amazing feat for tanks, and a must in my opinion. Very versatile as it is capable of boosting both offense and defense. Good choice for any build looking for some extra survivability.
StormInfusion.png Storm Infusion: A sweet boost to our Lightning Mastery, try to always have it on. 0 Drop (Bracers) Offers some extra Lightning Power through its Mastery boost. The only sensible choice here.
LightningAggro.jpg Veil of Thunder: Instantly removes some threat from your target and makes your feats less threatening for the next 20 seconds. 0 Drop (Bracers) It exists, as a Lightning warrior you should never ever pick this. Less threat means you can lose aggro more easily, and also you deal less damage with Lightning Bolt and Thunderbolt.

Discipline Feats

Feat Description Mana Cost Source Verdict
Battle cry.jpg Battle Cry: AoE buff, increases Mastery by 20% for you and your team. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. 50 Talents Must have talent line and feat for War Cry builds. Offers the biggest boost to those who are either hybrids or low on Mastery.
TurnTheTide.png Turn the Tide: AoE buff and CC, increases Brutality of you and group while also putting a group of enemies into sleep for 15 seconds. Synergizes well with our Booming Voice talent and other War Cries. 150 Drop (Necklace) The prefered choice for War Cry DPS builds. It boosts the offense of you and your team, while also capable of reducing the number of enemies you have to fight.
Sword surgingHowl.png Surging Howl: Counterpart of Turn the Tide, boosting Maximum Mana and regenerating 500+75 Mana per enemies around you. Synergizes with Pit Fighter talent, making us even tankier while it's on cooldown. 0 Drop (Necklace) The pick for the warriors who have Mana issues, or just don't want the extra CC/Brutality. It's long cooldown makes it undesirable for Fury War Cry builds.
Sword unbreakable.png Unbreakable Will: Regenerates some Health over 20 seconds. Synergizes with Indomitable (extra healing) and Pit Fighter (10% extra damage while it lasts) talents. 250 Elder Gear (Swords) I suggest this to those warrior's who want an extra on demand source of healing. Most notably for tanks. However if healing is already a no issue, just ignore this feat.

Universal Feats Unlike the previous feats, these feats are available to all classes. I'll list those who I deem the most viable to the warrior class (however there are other options out there, don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you).

Feat Description Source Verdict
BrutalForce.png Brutal Force: Gives 100% Critical Chance for 4 seconds and extra Brutality for 20 seconds. Drop (Trinket) The only one I consider a must have for every single warrior build. Dps can set this up for a crazy burst. Tanks can do the same, letting them generate extreme amount of threat, making them the priority target. Take this.
DeadlyTactics.png Deadly Tactics: Adds extra Savagery and while active your attacks ignore 10% of your enemies' defenses. Lasts for 20 seconds. Drop (Trinket) Great choice for those are looking to even further enhance their offensive power.
MomentumShift.png Momentum Shift: Adds extra Haste and +25% Dodge Chance for 20 seconds. Drop (Trinket) Defense and offense in one. I recommend this to dps builds looking for some extra survival.
ZephyrsEnclave.png Zephyr's Enclave: Adds extra Expertise and reduce all remaining feat cooldowns by 40%. Lasts 20 seconds. Drop (Trinket) Fury builds don't really have high cooldown feats (save for trinket feats) and as such I'd suggest this to Lightning warriors who run feats such as Spirit of the Storm or Titanic Power. This feat is also quite versatile as it is capable of boosting both defense and offense.
GraveBolt.jpg Grave Bolt: Ranged, single target damage feat. If it initiates combat, the target will engage in solo (unless resisted). Drop (Trinket) Offers extra survivability if fighting a group is too hard. In dungeons it can see some uses when you only want to pull a boss. Pick this if you or your team values its utility.
MagicalDefiance.png Magical Defiance: You become immune to magic damage for 6 seconds, and also gain increased Magic Resist for 20 seconds. Drop (Trinket) Mitigates heavy/spike magic damage entirely for 6 seconds, and improves your Magic Resist for another 20 seconds. Useful if you are not a tank and fighting some of the elders/event zone bosses/dungeon bosses, and they give you trouble.


Stats and Epic Stats are the final pieces of a build. Just like talents and feats, they are a very integral part of a build. They can make or break a setup if not properly adjusted. In the following I'll go over all the stats and epic stats, and their relevance to the Warrior class. Soft cap means the highest bonus you can add to your base value without special effects such as passive runes/origin/enchantments/talents. In the verdict section I rate stats in 3 categories: Primary, get as much as you can, it is very beneficial, Secondary, having some of it is important, but no need to overdo it, and Tertiary, you can ignore these stats. Another important note is that stats have diminishing returns. This means having more and more of a stat will start to worth less and less for each new point in that stat. While planning ahead keep this in mind.

Stat Description Soft Cap Source Verdict
FurySpellPower.jpg Fury Mastery: Increases Fury Ability Power. 30% Bracers, Gloves, Necklaces, Swords Primary stat for any Fury/Hybrid builds. Get as many as you can, as it boosts your builds' overall capability.
LightningSpellPower.jpg Lightning Mastery: Increases Lightning Ability Power. 30% Bracers, Gloves, Necklaces, Swords Primary stat for any Lightning/Hybrid builds. Get as many as you can, as it boosts your builds' overall capability.
Armor.jpg Armor: Increases Physical damage reduction. 50% Helms, Armor, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Trinkets, Shields Primary stat for any tank builds. Secondary stat for Solo Fury warriors should shoot for around 25-30% reduction.
MagicResist.jpg Magic Resist: Increases Magical damage reduction. 50% Helms, Armor, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Rings, Shields Primary stat for any tank builds. Secondary stat for Solo Fury warriors should shoot for around 25-30% reduction.
Life.png Vitality: Increases your Maximum Health. None Helms, Armor, Belts, Boots Primary stat for any tank builds. Secondary for every other. As a warrior you'll always be in harm's way so having more Health is always beneficial.
Vigor.jpg Vigor: Increases Health Regeneration. 2000% (200% out of combat) Helms, Armor, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Necklaces Tertiary Stat for any build. Tanks can benefit the most from it, but even they should cover their Health Regeneration through other means.
Intellect.jpg Intellect: Increases Maximum Mana. 3000 Bracers, Helms, Necklaces, Rings, Swords Tertiary Stat for any build. You don't need a high Mana to have a good Mana sustain. Your Intellect stat should come from consumables. Pairs with Clarity and Will to create the Mana sustain triangle.
Will.jpg Will: Increases Mana Regeneration. 8 in combat / 20 out of combat Gloves, Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets Primary Stat for Support builds, secondary for others. Without Mountain Song aim for 6-7, with it 13-14 Mana Regen in combat. Pairs with Clarity and Intellect to create the Mana sustain triangle.
Clarity.jpg Clarity: Reduces Mana Cost of feats and spells. 35% Boots, Necklaces,Rings, Trinkets Primary Stat for Fury/Hybrid builds, secondary for Lightning tanks (they use quite a bit less Mana). Aim for 20-25% (though higher won't hurt either). Pairs with Will and Intellect to create the Mana sustain triangle.
Haste.jpg Haste: Increases Attack Speed, increasing the frequeny of normal attacks, and reducing the cast time of feats/spells. 30% Bracers, Gloves, Boots, Trinkets, Swords Secondary Stat for any builds. Having a bit of it is recommended (~15-20%) but if you have Frenzied Strike it will already boost your Attack Speed considerably.
Refresh.jpg Expertise: Increases Cooldown Rate, reducing the Cooldown Time of feats/spells. 50% Bracers, Helms, Armor, Belts, Necklaces, Swords Primary stat for Support builds (combined with all boosts should be 50-55%), and fairly important for any other warrior builds too (30-40% is a good goal).
Savagery.jpg Savagery: Increases your Critical Chance, which gives a chance to deals bonus damage with normal attacks/feats/spells. 20% Bracers, Helms, Gloves, Trinkets, Weapons Primary stat for DPS builds. Has limited uses without high Brutality. So focus on both or neither.
Brutality.jpg Brutality: Increases Critical Damage, which increases damage dealt with Critical hits. 150% Bracers, Armor, Belts, Rings, Swords Primary stat for DPS builds. Has limited uses without high Savagery. So focus on both or neither.

Epic Stats:

Epic Stat Description Source Verdict
Berserk.jpg Berserk: After taking damage 30 separate times, you gain increased Ability Power for 30 seconds. Helms, Armor, Gloves, Belts, Rings Primary stat for tanks. Secondary for everyone else. Berserk works best if you get hit often, which as a melee will happen anyway, but obviously tanks will benefit the most from this.
Blasting.jpg Blasting: After being hit, you have a 10% chance to release a blast of damage to all enemies around you. Helms, Armor, Belts, Necklaces, Trinkets Primary stat for tanks. Secondary for everyone else. Same logic as Berserk.
Flux.jpg Flux: After spending 1,500 Mana, you gain bonus Ability Power for 30 seconds. Armor, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Rings Primary stat for Fury/Hybrid builds. Those builds spend quite a bit Mana, so they have a decent uptime of Flux.
Glory.jpg Glory: You gain increased Ability Power and Damage reduction for every enemy you defeat. Maximum of 5 charges. Bracers, Helms, Boots, Rings, Swords Primary stat for every build. Glory is my personal favourite epic stat. Boosting both defense and offense by a lot, with a few exceptions, with 100% uptime is absolutely awesome.
Juggernaut.jpg Juggernaut: You have a 5% chance to deal bonus damage based on your current Health. Bracers, Helms, Armor, Belts, Boots, Swords Primary stat for tanks. Secondary for dps. Tanks having the highest Health pool benefit the most, but most warriors will dabble with Vitality for survival reasons and as such they can too benefit well from Juggernaut.
Lifesteal.jpg Lifesteal: When you deal damage, you have a 15% chance to heal for a portion of the damage dealt. Bracers, Gloves, Necklaces, Trinkets, Swords Secondary stat for all builds. Has a good chance to heal, damage heavy builds will benefit a bit better from this. Still Phoenix Strike should cover most of your healing needs.
MagicFind.jpg Magic Find: All dropped gear now has a chance to be upgraded in rarity. Helms, Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets, Tertiary stat for all builds. Has no combat use, some people use it to farm gear. Honestly you are better off running dungeons for those pieces of gear you are missing.
Onslaught.jpg Onslaught: You deal bonus damage to enemies that are over the enemy life threshold. Bracers, Gloves, Boots, Rings, Swords Primary stat for all builds. Onslaught gives you a strong opener, and as such you should make the most out of it (blow your damage heavy feats, like Brutal Force + Whirlwind) at the start of the fight. It's obvious why dps want it, as for tanks, they'll generate more threat at the start of the fight with it.
Poise.jpg Poise: Your Ability Power is increased while your Health is over 95%. Bracers, Armor, Gloves, Belts, Necklaces, Shields, Swords Tertiary stat for all builds. Poise is an amazing epic stat for every single other class in the game (save for Earth shamans). However as a warrior you'll get hit, and you will never have 100% uptime on this.
Shielding.jpg Shielding: While not in combat, generate an absorb shield that lasts until used. Helms, Armor, Belts, Necklaces, Trinkets, Shields Tertiary stat for all builds. Tanks can have some benefit from this, but the shield will quickly go away in most fights, and you have to wait till the end of it for it to regenerate. It works well with Poise, for other classes.
Voidstrike.jpg Voidstrike: After damaging an enemy, you have a 5% chance to gain a Voidstrike, causing your next single target ability to deal bonus void damage that ignores enemy Armor and Magic Resist. Bracers, Gloves, Boots, Trinkets, Swords Primary stat for dps builds. Let's your single target feats deal extra damage based on the consuming abilities' damage. The chance is not super high, but has plenty of opportunity to be triggered, and the extra damage is decent.