The Arcane Rift of Pyrron

The arcane rift of pyrron map.png
The Arcane Rift of Pyrron
Type Spiral Dungeon
Level Range 75
Location Pyrron

The Arcane Rift Of Pyrron is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

According to ancient myth and lore, this Arcane font was first found and used by Calypso in the Elder days. With this powerful source of arcane energies weling up from the ground below it is no wonder that Calypso truly was the mistress of magic, and no wonder still that Lord Pyrrus would capture the font for his own.

The key to access this zone is given by Lirtossa upon reaching level 75.

The zone consists of an upward spiral of ramps and 11 platforms, each with an Elder level bounty. Each boss has a unique mechanic. A shadowy flame marks the route up, with the color of the flame changing to mark each bounty. The zone has a single quest, to kill all the bounties, and upon completion of the quest, you can access the vendor that sells you the Rift Ascension Stone.





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Crafting Stations

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Gather Nodes

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