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New Main Page[edit source]

The section pages are protected from editing, restricted to Admin as they should be. But shouldn't the main page itself also be protected? I don't think that I should be seeing an Edit button at the top of that page.

I understand about changing the page to accommodate different size screens, but it's created some problems... possibly just cosmetic, not sure.

  • While the screen is using 3 columns, the "Featured Video" box is not wide enough to fit the entire video width in the box.
  • In the "Guides" box, the Mechanics title and all links below it need to be centered.
  • The content of the "Wiki Community" box doesn't seem to be centered correctly... the margins are uneven.
  • Can we insert a blank line between the paragraphs in the "About" box, please?
  • Could we also insert a blank line between each of the sections in the "Basics," "Guides," and "In Depth" boxes? I mean space between the row of links and the next line of bolded title.
  • Is there a way to insert some extra space between each of the links, or a vertical bar? The way it looks to me now, I know there are a certain number of links in each row because of the number of icons, but the words themselves seem to run together.
  • In the opening "Welcome" paragraph, please delete the last sentence since it's part of the "Community" box. And please insert a blank line between the other 2 sentences there.

--MarisolBlue (talk) 21:46, 30 April 2020 (UTC)

Hi marisol, you noticed it too about the main page. Imo it is very messy. I have no idea who changed it (I can see the name Tagaziel, but no idea who that is) I also thought that the first page was protected - so the person who changed it might be from Gamepedia?

I'm going to send Ivar a message through forum.

Jennythebrave (talk) 08:52, 1 May 2020 (UTC)