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To Do:

  • Needs updated map pic
  • Fix item chart

How the hell do you edit the chart at the bottom of the page? I'm about to get rid of it and just type it out on the page. Making the template "might" have been done to make it easier or make the page itself look less crowded... but what is the sense of that if it makes editing it so F-ing difficult.

MarisolBlue (talk)

That part was done by Neia. I find it not easy too although it does look crisp. But I found this from her:

Click on the Edit Source button and then you can edit from there.

The original list I made was simply in the Twilight Vale page itself:

  • Gnogpacks:

  • Mounts:

  • Toys:

  • Treats:

    • Star Crumpet: Mounted speed is increased by 30% (lasts 10') (15 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Moon Crumpet: Instantly restores you for 50% of your Maximum Mana (15 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Sun Crumpet: Instantly heals you for 50% of your Maximum Health (15 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Moon Cookie: Out of combat mana regen is increased by 12 per second (lasts 15')(3 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Moon Nectar: Maximum Mana is increased by 1.000 (lasts 10') (3 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Sun Cookie: Recovers your health 50% faster out of combat (lasts 15') - (3 Tear of Vesesia)

    • Sun Nectar: Total health is increased by 20% (lasts 15')(3 Tear of Vesesia)

So it is up to you what you want to use for the update :) Or you could put it in columms? btw, ty for updating

Jennythebrave (talk) 04:48, 15 July 2020 (UTC)

Yea, thanks for the link to that page... I never would have found it. And that's my main problem with it... if you have to hunt for a different page to make an edit on the original page, many people (including me :P ) won't bother. I think I'm just going to make a wikitable on the Vale page. That way I can use the columns I want, since I don't think we really need a Level column. Will add to the ToDo List.  :)

No prob on updating. I'm just glad to be able to get back with it, even if it's small amounts.  :)

MarisolBlue (talk)