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Gathering from any resource requires a specific tool. Fishing requires a Fishing Rod. Mining requires a Mining Pick, Wood, fruit, and mushroom picking require a Sickle. Bug collecting requires a Magnifying Glass. Each tool can be equipped with unique supplies which provide special advantages to the gatherer. These supplies are found in the different gathering nodes within the world, and are interdependent upon each other, thereby forming a circle of life.

Supply Chains[]

  • Mining supplies can be gained while fishing and mining = Oil .
  • Plant Lore supplies can be gained while mining and doing plant gathering = Grindstones.
  • Bug Lore supplies can be gained while doing Plant Lore, and collecting bug = Nectar.
  • Fishing supplies can be gained while doing Bug Lore and fishing = Fishing Worms.

Types of Supplies[]

At the heart of the gathering system are supplies – natural supplies which, when used together with a gathering tool, will make you gather faster and find better materials. There are four kinds of supplies, one for each gathering skill:

Fishing Worms

Aids in fishing, and acts as tantalizing bait on fishing poles.


Aids in mining, and can improve the metal of the pick-axe.


Aids in plant lore, and can be used to sharpen scythes.


Is used together with a magnifying glass to collect bugs.

Finding Supplies[]

Supplies are found as you gather – gathering one kind of resource gives you the supplies you need to gather another. Fishing Worms, for instance, can be found by searching for bugs, which in turn uses Nectar that can be found while harvesting plants. In addition to this, sometimes you find supplies for the kind of gathering you are currently doing – so you may also find Fishing Worms by fishing, Nectar while collecting bugs, and so on.

Superior and Premium Supplies are fully trade-able. Common supplies, unlike the others, are not trade-able. However, every 22 hours, all players will have a stock amount of Common Supplies replenished for free, if they visit certain NPC’s. These NPC’s, Distributors, belong to a special group known as the Coterie of Gatherers (C.O.G. for short)

Levels of Supplies[]

There are three different categories of supplies, and each yields a greater benefit to the player who has equipped their tools with them. However, it is not a requirement that one must equip their tools in order to gather.

  • Using no supplies
    • Results in a 5 second gathering time
    • 33% chance to find gathering material
    • 100% chance to find 1-2 common gathering supplies for the current skill
    • 0% chance to find supplies for another skill
  • Using Common Supplies
    • Results in a 3 second gathering time
    • 100% chance to find gathering material
    • 50% chance to find supplies for another skill
  • Using Superior Supplies
    • Results in a 2 second gathering time
    • 100% chance to find gathering material
    • 75% chance to find gathering supplies for another skill
  • Using Premium Supplies
    • Results in a 1 second gathering time
    • 100% chance to find gathering material
    • 100% chance to find supplies for another skill

Storing Supplies[]

A tool bar will appear whenever players are engaged in a gathering skill. There are 3 slots in the bar, each slot relegated for common, superior, and premium supplies (but not inclusive, each slot can have all common etc.). Each slot holds 2500 of supplies. Each of the four gathering skills have three such slots. (All of these slots are free.) The Character Window, in the ‘Skills’ section, also displays a player’s supplies. This window also stores a character’s crafting and gathering tools.

The C.O.G.[]

They are in your own Village (Zone), Ardent City, Lake Kiwa.

Visit them daily to get your supplies.