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Statue Snacks
Level 75
Type Main quest
Location Bevyn's Coille

Statue Snacks is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I'm hoping a that a statue named Kern saw whatever it was that Dionte buried. I want to encourage Kern to talk to me, so I should bring him his favorite tasty snacks, which are the scales of Felhounds. 20 of them should do the trick.




  • Collect 20 Felhound Scales.
  • Give the snacks to Kern.


  • 54 silver
  • 125k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Scepter (different depending on the played class)


  • Felhounds are only spawned when you kill the Spawn of Bevyn, these you can find in the center of the map, around D4
  • Each time you kill 1 Spawn of Bevyn, 1 Felhound spawns, kill it and collect his scale: Felhound Scale
  • So you need to collect 20 of those scales
  • Go to Kern, the statue at B2 (where the bugnodes are)
  • Give him the scales to complete this quest and make progress on the Defusing The Feud Part One quest.


Kern: "Why do you interrupt my slumber?"

You "Sorry, but I really need to talk to you. Here. I've brought you some tasty Felhound Scales."

Kern: "Love those I do..."

You "Kern, I need to know if you saw Dionte recently. More specifically, do you know what it was that he buried around here?"

Kern: "Into the ground he placed the newly formed young of the spineless, and made for them a bed of many layers. There they sleep, and always shall, for it was a spectral tool that covered them well. Only one who wields the tool can strip the blanket which so securely surrounds them."

You "Rasmus wasn't kidding. You really are cryptic. I'm not entirely sure what all of that all means, but sounds like I need to get my hands on The Spade of Bones in order to dig up whatever Dionte buried? Can I maybe just get a simple yes from you on that?"

Kern: "Yes. Where music echoes, dwells the possessor. His flute plays only ballads for the wretched." You "Great. Whatever that means. Okay, how about this one. Did you happen to hear anything that Dionte might have whispered after he was done with his digging?"

Kern: "To the Treant girl, he planned next to go. Her name, the brightest of flowers. But it was her Chaperone, that most he feared, and thought to win her with an offering. And now I return to my slumber. It is The Chaperone, Catriona, whom now you should seek in the place where the Treants teach their young. Farewell to you."

You lost 20x Felhound Scales.

Gained 125k experience!

You "Bye."

Kern: "Safe travels."