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If I knew how to create a page with an auto-redirect built in, I would do that as a bandage fix until one of us gets around to making a proper Runes page.

hehe I have already started with gear. That will sort out over a thousand of the items once we go through everything. It is a relatively simple matter (if tedious) to change the category of a page: You literally only change one word. But I'm also trying to add links and fix anything I happen to notice along the way. So far I have gotten through all craftable gear beginning with A and B. It will be a while before I can get the full list done.

Finally, I created pages for all the most basic gathering and crafting materials. They are in Items for now until I figure out exactly how I want to sort them. Technically they are lists, so I will probably put them in some sort of a "List of Lists" category at some point.