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hm, think about it for a while :) Not all is correct from the first time, that is editing, making a page, and then rewrite, rearrange etc a dozen times :)

I do like the idea of 1 page named Runes with a little explanation and add the list of runes as reference.

Maybe we should revive the page Runes as it was on the main page? Because atm it is now a red link, and I don't like red links especially on the main page of a wiki.

I was also thinking about the items list and the category:item - maybe we should link every item (lol about 3,212 pages) to a new list of items and refer it on the items list. An example: Onion - belongs to the new category:Garden Plants. (already an existing page) Then on the Item page, at the bottom: Garden items - we can add a link to the category:garden PLants.

Garden Plants show up as a sub page at the category:item page. And the page onion goes out of the extensive list Pages in category "Item".

As an example I changed the page Onion, with the new category link.

So we could do this for all the different types of items.

A huge task I know, but then again I think it makes more sence?

What do you think?