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no worries, I haven't been here that much either. ty for updating the whole runes stuff, I knew I had to leave those pages to you. Lol and you don't have to ask my permission to move or refer pages :) Do as you think is best. I know you are good at that kind of stuff.

Do you know a lot of the raid stuff? Because it doesn't appeal to me, so I just did some basic editing on the raid pages.

Avatar for Math Fish

I am going through the wiki and updating all the links to the stat pages (and adding new ones where I can). While doing so I noticed a lot of repetition of lists in different sites. I was wondering if it would be okay for me to remove the Reinforcement Runes lists from all Class Runes pages and refer them instead to the List of Runes section called Reinforcement Runes. Of course, I would need to update that page as well because it (somehow) is missing most of the Reinforcement Runes. lol

Also, sorry for not being around for so long. :)

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No a list of them does not really exist, I do have put a few of them already on the raid bounties. See, there are a few listed already. Other bounties in the raid regions have others, some of the bounties in the Zorian Marshlands have others too.

If you want/have time you could list them?

Avatar for MarisolBlue

I saw Neia's post on the forum with a picture of some of the affixes that exist in game:

Does a list exist of all of them? I added the ones I saw in-game tonight, but I can tell from the picture that I actually saw very few. I wanted to include the possible random abilities that have now been added to the Vale ladder fae and Prisma.

Avatar for Math Fish

It is easy enough to link the guide to the Guides and Tutorials page, but I still need a page to put the actual guide. :P

Also, there is something in the forums on Gnogmentation. I got KAVE's permission to use it, but I will be heavily editing it for a wiki version.

Avatar for Jennythebrave

There is already a Guides & Tutorials page at the main page. Some might already out of date, some are actually in the wiki, others refer to the forum. No idea if someone has even made one for gnogmentation that is posted on the forum? Should check those pages too. Every single guide there that is useful, should be in here too. A forum can vanish easily, remember the old forum. Esp Kave's guides are very much worth mentioning here. Of course always have to contact the creator of any guide on the forum to get permission to put them here.

Btw, Tallonar posted on my page this: imo a well done job sofar.

Avatar for Math Fish

I'd like to start adding some Guides/Tutorials for various things in the game. The first one will be a guide for Gnogmentation. I tried to find something on the site that resembled a guide or a tutorial and cam up empty-handed. I was wondering how I should title these pages so as to not get them confused with pages that may have the same name. Here are a couple of options I have considered:

  • Guide to <topic>
  • Guide: <topic>

Let me know what you think.

Avatar for Tallonar

Hi Jenny,

I've been working on some utility tools for the game that couldn't be done in the Wiki pages. Have a look here:

I currently only have Recipes, Crafting, and Crafting Party working at the moment, but I'm happy to hear feedback / thoughts / suggestions as I continue development.


Avatar for Jennythebrave

Unfortunately I cannot open that page. I get the message that either the page no longer exists or is available. That is could be moved, or give no permission to see it.

Avatar for Math Fish

If you want to work on moving armor around, I put all crafted armor in the game in a giant excel document online:!8820&parId=EB7C8D2784235533!116&app=Excel

Avatar for Jennythebrave

splendid, huge job yes I know :) but the category:item page was so cluttered :( it needed some attention.

Avatar for Math Fish

Figured it out (thank you google!) ... There is now a Runes page that redirects to the List of Runes page for now.

Avatar for Math Fish

If I knew how to create a page with an auto-redirect built in, I would do that as a bandage fix until one of us gets around to making a proper Runes page.

hehe I have already started with gear. That will sort out over a thousand of the items once we go through everything. It is a relatively simple matter (if tedious) to change the category of a page: You literally only change one word. But I'm also trying to add links and fix anything I happen to notice along the way. So far I have gotten through all craftable gear beginning with A and B. It will be a while before I can get the full list done.

Finally, I created pages for all the most basic gathering and crafting materials. They are in Items for now until I figure out exactly how I want to sort them. Technically they are lists, so I will probably put them in some sort of a "List of Lists" category at some point.

Avatar for Jennythebrave

hm, think about it for a while :) Not all is correct from the first time, that is editing, making a page, and then rewrite, rearrange etc a dozen times :)

I do like the idea of 1 page named Runes with a little explanation and add the list of runes as reference.

Maybe we should revive the page Runes as it was on the main page? Because atm it is now a red link, and I don't like red links especially on the main page of a wiki.

I was also thinking about the items list and the category:item - maybe we should link every item (lol about 3,212 pages) to a new list of items and refer it on the items list. An example: Onion - belongs to the new category:Garden Plants. (already an existing page) Then on the Item page, at the bottom: Garden items - we can add a link to the category:garden PLants.

Garden Plants show up as a sub page at the category:item page. And the page onion goes out of the extensive list Pages in category "Item".

As an example I changed the page Onion, with the new category link.

So we could do this for all the different types of items.

A huge task I know, but then again I think it makes more sence?

What do you think?

Avatar for Math Fish

What do we do about the Runes page? I recently moved that page to List of Runes, but we need a replacement to cover what runes are in general (without a list; maybe a reference instead).

I am also trying to figure out how we want to handle the duplicate information in the many runes-type pages. Maybe we actually create pages for each rune and o something similar to enemies? I'm not really sure.

Avatar for Math Fish

right click, open in new tab (repeat about 10 times)

Edit Source, Ctrl + Tab (repeat about 10 times)

Click, Enter, Ctrl + V, Click, Click, Ctrl + Tab (repeat about 10 times)

(repeat all of the above a bunch of times)

Occasionally watch a level of a speed run on youtube.

That about sums up those few hours. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though. I just avoided adding all the individual mob (and bounty ... oh god) pages to a new category.

I also moved all the "Level X Quests" pages to Category:Quest in the process. (they were in the way lol)

Finally, I got a bunch of notifications a day later (today) because I was watching the Category:Enemies page. That was interesting to log into. XD

Avatar for Jennythebrave

lol do you still have feeling in your fingertops?

Avatar for Math Fish

Okay, I moved all "enemy" type categories under the new umbrella of Bestiary. In the future if we want a full list of all the mobs in one place, we can go through all the mob pages and add the category reference.

Avatar for Math Fish

Sorry for the delayed response:

Everything went to the category NPC because that is what was in the template by default and I am (believe it or not) brand new to editing wikis. lol

Is there a list of categories I can look at and perhaps then go fix the categories somehow?

Avatar for Jennythebrave

hi marisol

"I have no problem setting Pets up like the Mounts page... which wound mean deleting the individual pet pages (3 of them). And I think would be less work than making individual pages for each and every pet.

I think this is the best way using the say layout as the mountpage.

We could also a page for toys with the same layout as the mounts page. What do you think about that?

Avatar for MarisolBlue

Sounds like a good plan... for both pets page and toys page! Thanks for the 2nd opinion. I'll get to work as soon as I can. :)

Avatar for MarisolBlue

As you probably noticed, I moved the Toys page to Pets. I believe the toys and pets should be listed on separate pages... with pets being a sub-category of toys maybe.

However, I'm unsure about how to proceed. I started thinking list everything on the Pets page, and that's when I blanked the tarantula page... but then started second guessing myself, thinking maybe only put the special pets on that page (which I think is how you started).

I have no problem setting Pets up like the Mounts page... which wound mean deleting the individual pet pages (3 of them). And I think would be less work than making individual pages for each and every pet.

But since pets are actually items in our inventory (unlike the mounts), that could easily justify individual pages for each. And I believe that would also mean just deleting the Pets page.

Let me know your thoughts on which way to work this. I'd be okay either way. :)

Avatar for Jennythebrave

pls use these ones, these are the ones that Ivar made. Because I'd prefer that everything has the same layout :)

The other are the ones that Neia made, but some are slightly different.

Btw you do a good job here :)

Avatar for MarisolBlue

Wow... don't think I ever noticed that page. Thanks for the link. I figured there was a preference, that's why I wanted to make sure. And thanks! RL stuff gets in the way of play time, which also limits what I can do here, but I try. :)

Avatar for MarisolBlue

What's the difference between Template:Infobox (Item) and Template:Item? And same question about Template:Infobox (NPC) and Template:NPC. Is there a preference to which I use? I wanted to start the pages for the red links I created on the AS membership page, but I got stuck... wasn't sure how to continue. Any help would be appreciated!

Avatar for Jennythebrave

oh that is great. Pity you didn't take a screenshot :)

I'll see if I can find him on the testserver.

Avatar for Jennythebrave

hi, that is great to put an image with all the finding places, but maybe use little red dots? But I would do leave the seperate location lines.

Some people look at the image, others will still use the location lines.

For the dragon spots, I have put up an image there, but is not totally correct, I still need to change that one. But off course feel free to put your image too.

Better to have to much info then too less :)

Avatar for Beeikjo

i'm trying update this page and want replace many location line by 1 image like this but some spots dont have exactly loc (like "372 121 51"). also try to do same thing with death of a dragon

Avatar for Jennythebrave

Great that you saw this. I think I deleted a page before from this 'person'. And yes he will get a block now.

Avatar for MarisolBlue

Hi there! I'm sort of thinking that this page doesn't belong here:

Do users get blocked for creating spam?

Avatar for Neia la Foudroyante

Jenny, If you prefer to use something that make heavier pages and is harder to maintain, ok.

If you like to change the edits I just made, because I don't use the tools made by a dev, ok.

Feel free to remove all my work.

You can find all of my templates in my user page (here).

Good luck to clean this page: Category:Infoboxes lacking images.

Now, if you excuse me, I will do my last contribution to this wiki.

Avatar for Jennythebrave

Hi Marisol, it was not me who moved the page but Karensouldancer, so you should ask her to redo it :)

Avatar for MarisolBlue

Hi there! May I ask you about moving the Grinchta event zone page back to where it was. I don't think we should be making a new page for each year. I think it will get awfully confusing and cause too many redirects. Just edit the content and/or bounty list each year, like you had done for the Halloween event.

Avatar for Jennythebrave

hello, that is something I don't know - I mostly play on pc and occasionaly on my tablet. But for images I only use my pc.

You can always ask Ivar - he's the one who has set up this Wikipedia. If he can't help you then no one can :)

Avatar for Headhurts1

Was kind of hoping someone could help me in that regard as I play on mobile.. :) I was going to ask today in discord actually

Avatar for Kittymmeow

Hello! Thank you very much for all your contributions to the wiki! I highly encourage you to apply to become an admin on this wiki, here: Special:ClaimWiki. In addition, Gamepedia has a Slack server where you can talk with other editors from all sorts of other wikis, and I'd like to invite you to join: Keep up the great work and let me know if you have any questions!

Avatar for Teknonero1-gpuser

Also, i made the Zingara pages by copy pasting thr page of Salamus, as i could not find Zingara template, and Salamus doesn't have the paragraphs

Avatar for Teknonero1-gpuser

I remember reading it was a Leafward somewhere. Meh maybe im wrong. Might have red it on an offeye, might have been a typo or might just remember wrong. So might be Leafwad.

Avatar for Teknonero1-gpuser

If you could please reply back in there

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