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Silkworm is a material item in Villagers and Heroes.


  • Silkworm is obtained while bugging at bug nodes matching the name of the worm. They are used to make Cloth for crafting various gear, gear parts, and Preparation items.
Level Name Description
1 Mudbelly silkworm.png Mudbelly Silkworm Their color changes based upon mood. They are known for their pessimistic gloom.
15 Greenburg silkworm.png Greenburg Silkworm When threatened, these defensive creatures will emit a toxic, emerald fume.
30 Sunset silkworm.png Sunset Silkworm Weavers throughout the land covet the radiant, glowing silks of this sublime insect.
45 Saltwater silkworm.png Saltwater Silkworm Legend holds that eye patches made of its silk, will bring a pirate everlasting good luck.
60 Pyrrick silkworm...png Pyrrick Silkworm Their impenetrable twine can restrain even a dragon, or so the minstrels sing.
75 Truntail silkworm.png Trunktail Silkworm Known for their speed, these worms are said to never sleep. They have a short life span.
90 Lavendar silkworm.png Lavender Silkworm Their gentle, amiable nature is as pleasing as their fragrant scent.