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Sickle is a Gathering tool used to Gather plants from Plant Nodes.

Used by mushroom hunters, foragers, and lumberjacks the world round! Chop down trees or collect fruits and shrooms to use in crafting and other benefits.


  • They are all sold at the Tool Vendor found in almost every village (safe) zones.
  • Starts from level 1.
  • For every 5 level you can buy another one.
  • There are sickles for every 5 levels for sale at a Tool Vendor.
  • The higher level tools cost more, but allow Bountiful Gathering from higher level nodes.
  • You are required to have the equivalent or higher level of plant lore before equipping a sickle/scythe.
  • There are one you can buy from the Item Shop: Verdure Scythe. This tool can gather more then normal before needing repaired. While gathering, increases the chance of bountiful gathering by 10%, boosts experience gained by 5% and reduces time to gather by 20%.
  • Vendor sickles are tradeable after purchase and equipping.
  • The Tool Vendors sell the following variants of Sickles:
Level Name Price Repair Price (if Broken)
1 Dull Copper Sickle 1s 25c
5 Edged Copper Sickle 5s 1s 25c
10 Serrated Copper Sickle 10s 2s 50c
15 Dull Tin Sickle 25s 6s 25c
20 Edged Tin Sickle 50s 12s 50c
25 Serrated Tin Sickle 75s 18s 75c
30 Dull Iron Sickle 1g 25s
35 Edged Iron Sickle 1g 25s 31s 25c
40 Serrated Iron Sickle 1g 50s 37s 50c
45 Dull Silver Sickle 2g 50s 62s 50c
50 Edged Silver Sickle 3g 50s 87s 50c
55 Serrated Silver Sickle 5g 50s 1g 37s 50s
60 Dull Pyrrite Sickle 7g 50s 1g 87s 50c
65 Edged Pyrrite Sickle 10g 50s 2g 62s 50c
70 Serrated Pyrrite Sickle 12g 50s 3g 12s 50c
75 Dull Mithril Sickle 15g 75s 3g 93s 75c
80 Edged Mithril Sickle 17g 50s 4g 37s 50c
85 Serrated Mithril Sickle 20g 75s 5g 12s 50c
90 Dull Koldcore Sickle 25g 50s 6g 37s 50c
95 Edged Koldcore Sickle 30g 75s 7g 68s 75c