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Sicker and Sicker
Level 89
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

Sicker and Sicker is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

It turned out that Otes was telling the truth, and that Tobin was actually the liar! After zapping Tobin withtheSoul Searcher, he confessed that he had in fact talked to Lysander. Not only that, he said Lysander collapsed just nearby and is probably still there!




  • Find Lysander in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Use Nadia's Battle Horn to summon Nadia to Lysander's location in the Zorian Marshlands. If I've lost the horn, I should try speaking with Roany the Swindle.
  • Speak with Nadia in the Zorian Marshlands. If she is not around, I may need to sound her horn once more.
  • Meet Nadia, Xiphi and Lysander back at the Lumineers Camp in the Zorian Marshlands.


  • 68 silver
  • 1,95m XP
  • Rare Priest Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • It seems that Lysander is getting sicker and sicker. Now he is at E/4 behind a tree. He even thinks that you are Nadia.
  • Use her battle horn to summon her = double click on it (it is in your inventory).
  • Both Nadia and Xiphi show up. Talk to Nadia, she'll take Lysander to the Lumineers Camp and asks you to meet them there again = B4/5.
  • Talk to Nadia again, she says that Lysander is fine again.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: The Valued Marshlands.


Lysander: "Nadia? I'm so glad to See you later."

You "No, it's me, <Player Name>. You're getting worse, Lysander!"

Lysander: "In the Crux. The two royal princes. On the day they were to be anointed, there was a massacre. The princes were murdered. And so were many, many, of Queen Zoria's subjects. So much violence and chaos. Never seen the likes of what took place there. Theobald..."

You "Theobald was responsible?"

Lysander: "Only a feeling. No evidence. Just before the princes were to be anointed, I saw him. And he saw me. Theobald smiled, with such malicious delight, that I suddenly knew something terrible was about to happen. Nadia? Nadia, where are you going? Come back! Wait, then. I'll come to you."

You "Nadia isn't here. Lysander, wait, no!"

Lysander: "I'm coming..."

Nadia: "<Player Name>! Thank you for calling me!"

You "Lysander is in really bad shape."

Nadia: "Oh, yes... he really is! We need to get him back to our camp immediately. Once there, I can begin tending to his wounds and administer the remedy for the Crimson Rot."

You "How can I help?"

Nadia: "I think you've done enough, <Player Name>. Xiphi and I can get him back on our own. Meet us back at our camp."

You "On it!"

Nadia: "Thank you, <Player Name>!"

Nadia: "Lysander is stable, for now. <Player Name>, we can't thank you enough!"

You "You're welcome."

Nadia: "Lysander is stable, for now. <Player Name>, we can't thank you enough!"

You "You're welcome."

Nadia: "I've administered the remedy for the Crimson Rot, it will take a few days for the infections to fully dissipate."

Gained 1.95m experience!

You "Will he be safe here?"

Nadia: "We should be. Xiphi and I can hold our own, and we have a few of Beryl's enchantments active protecting the camp. Once Lysander is feeling better, we can finally get some answers and move out of this awful marshland."

You "What should I do in the meantime?"

Nadia: "These bounty hunters seem obsessed with the reward for capturing Lysander. Perhaps if we knew more about what they were after, we could use it to our advantage?"

You "Yes, that sounds like a great idea."

Nadia: "Continue searching the swamps. Talk to the locals and find out just what it is that makes these bounty hunters so obsessed with claiming these lands."

You lost 1x Nadia's Battle Horn.

Continued in: The Valued Marshlands.