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Roles Healer, Damage Dealer (Water Shaman) – Tank, Damage Dealer (Earth Shaman)
Primary Gear Axes, Shields

Shaman is one of the playable classes in Villagers and Heroes.

The Shaman is a wielder of the natural elements of the world, sharing a harmonious relationship with the Earth and her powers. Some Shaman use this power to summon torrents of water to heal wounds, while others turn their skin to stone and bring their axe down with the force of earthquakes.

Specializations & Talents[]

Shaman talents are grouped into the Water, Wind and Earth specializations. All the below numbers assume rank 1 of the talent - see the Talent Builder (talentbuilder not updated yet) for accurate values per level! When a talent is upgraded completely, it unlocks an Ultimate ability - these abilities can be both active and passive, and grant powerful advantages.


With the tranquility of rippling streams, and yet the power of raging oceans, Water is capable of both gently healing allies, as well as devastating foes.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Torrent.png Torrent 5 Water Whip, Water Bolt and Swift Waters have a 4% chance to not trigger their cooldowns. WaterShield.png Deluge Water Shield now lasts for 5 minutes and grants 5 charges. If cast on yourself you gain 20 charges.
ManaSpring.png Mana Spring 10 Casting a Water Spell grants a charge of Mana Spring, increasing Mana Efficiency, Mana Regen and Mana by 0,1% for 10 seconds. Mana Spring can stack to 10 charges, each charge multiplying the effect and refreshing the duration. AttuneToWater.png Attune to Water Consumes all of your healing over time effects on all targets, healing their remaining amounts instantly. Your Elemental Focus is changed to Water. Elemental Focus: Water
  • Your healing over time effects last 6 seconds longer rand heal for 60% more.
  • Your heals can critically strike.
  • Your basic attacks become ranged.* 20% of your Earth Power is removed and a quarter of that is converted to Water Power.
  • Earth Spells cost 200% more Mana.
SurgeOfLife.png Surge of Life 20 Your single target beneficial Water Spells have a "'1,5%"' chance to apply Surge of Life to your target, healing for "'10%"' standard healing over 10 seconds ("'16%"' standard healing over 15 seconds if Attuned to Water). HealingWave.png Wave Healing The instant healing portion of Healing Wave now applies both to your target as well all other allies that are under the effect of one of your healing over time spells. Bonus healing caused by Wave Healing is able to trigger the Surge of Life effect.
Riptide.png Riptide 30 "'1% of your Water Mastery is added to your Blasting, and instead of a wave of energy it now releases a Riptide, changing its damage type to Water and allowing it to scale using "'3%"' of your Water Mastery. EbbAndFlow.png Ebb and Flow Every 10 seconds your comand over water ebbs and flows, changing your Water Power by the following rotating pattern: +0%, +3%, +9%, +18%
WaterAffinity.png Water Affinity 40 Increases your Water Mastery by 1%. LivingWater.png Living Water Become a Spirit of Living Water!. While transformed:
  • Mana Costs are reduced by 50%.
  • Cooldown Rate is increased by 25%.
  • Healing Rain additionally applies rejuvenation.
  • All of your healing spells cause the target to be healed for more.


Soothing breezes, raging storms, and crisp fresh air; "'Wind"' is vital for any Shaman, as its integral relationship to the natural world binds both Earth and Water.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Windfury.png Windfury 35 Your single target spells and attacks have a 15% chance to deal 10% bonus standard level damage. Windfury's damage will be the greater of Water or Earth. ScionOfTheElements.png Scion of the Elements Several of your spells get added Wind components:
  • Cleansing Waters now grants 8% Dodge Chance for 15 seconds.
  • Water Whip now deals an extra 200% physical damage.
  • Tremors now slows enemy Attack Speed by 15% for 10 seconds
  • Rock Bite now grants you 4% increased Haste, stacking up to 5 times.
DownDraft.png Downdraft 20 You gain 2% increased Attack Speed. AttuneToWind.png Attune to Wind Reduces all nearby allies ongoing cooldowns by 30 seconds. Your Elemental Focus is changed to Wind.

Elemental Focus: Wind

  • Movement Speed and Mounted Speed are increased 20%
  • 10% of your Water Mastery is removed and converted to Dodge Chance.
  • 10% of your Earth Mastery is removed and converted to Dodge Chance.
  • Your next attunement spell costs zero mana.
WindShear.png Wind Shear 20 Enemies that damage you lose 0,4% of their Armor and Magic Resists for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Mistral.png Mistral When you drop below 5% of your Maximum Mana you trigger a Mana Mistral, restoring 7,5% of missing mana every seconds for 15 seconds to you and all nearby allies.

Mana Mistrals can trigger once every 10 minutes and an individual can receive the benefit of a Mana Mistral once every 5 minutes.

FreshAir.png Fresh Air 15 Your Health and base Maximum Health are increased by 1%. CyclingGale.png Gale Force Charge your foe with the Fury of the Wind! Doubles attack speed for 10 seconds.
TotemicPower.png Totemic Power 15 Your Maximum Mana is increased by 65 and your Mana Regeneration is increased by 6%. ManaGust.png Mana Gusts Your restore 5% of your missing mana after defeating an enemy.


The rich, violent and majestic power of "'Earth"' emphasizes strong defensive capabilities, along with the power to lure enemies away from allies.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
HungryEarth.png Hungry Earth 5 Your Earth Spells deal 2% more damage and Crag Strike hits remove 4% of the remaining cooldown of Earth Shard. SeismicShock.png Seismic Drain Seismic Shock now heals you for 100% of the damage it deals.
GaiasWard.png Gaia's Ward 10 When you survive an attack that drops you below 10% of your Maximum Health, you gain an absorb shield equal to 15% of your Maximum Health that lasts for 30 seconds. This effect can occur once every 5 minutes. AttuneToEarth.png Attune to Earth Deals 1183 temporary threat to all nearby enemies that fades over 10 seconds, during which time the retaliation effect from Elemental Focus: Earth is increased by 500%. Your Elemental Foucs is changed to Earth.
  • Health, Armor and Magic Resist increased by 20%
  • threat generated is increased by 50%
  • Attackers take 20 damage and 39 threat with each attack against you.
  • 20% of your Water Mastery is removed and a quarter of that is converted to Earth Mastery.
  • Water Spells cost 200% more Mana.
EarthenFortitude.png Earthen Fortitude 20 Casting an Earth Spell increases your Health and Maximum Health by 0,1% for 2 minutes, stacking up to 15 times. PummelingRock.png Pummeling Rock Your Earth Spells and effects now stun the target for 3 seconds when they critically strike. Additonally, the retaliation effect from your Elemental Focus: Earth can now critically strike.
Erosion.png Erosion 30 6% of the damage you take is staggered, with your Earth Mastery increasing this amount further.

Staggered damage is dealt to you over the course of 10 seconds rather than all at once, and is dealt as earth damage. The damage cannot be further reduced by protections, but can be shielded against, as well as avoided through immunity. Damage is only staggered if the amount of damage to be staggered is greater than 5.

DiamondSkin.png Diamond Skin For the first 5 seconds of Terraform you are Invulnerable.
EarthAffinity.png Earth Affinity 40 Increases your Earth Mastery by 1%. AwakenEarth.png Awaken Earth Ground Slam now has a 40% chance to summon an Earth Elemental, which will stand in place taunting and damaging nearby enemies. The elementals health and damage is scaled based on your Earth Power. Lasts for 20 seconds or until it dies.

Active abilities[]

In Villagers & Heroes, both active and passive abilities are granted through Runes, which are found on items. To see a list of all Runes and Abilities available to the Shaman class, check out the full article below!

Full article: Shaman Runes

Unique Gear[]

Shaman can use the following unique gear:

  • Axes and Shields:
  • Totems: Unique to the Shaman class, totems hold unique runes and can provide powerful bonuses. (Minimum level 45)