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Shade Patrol
Level 95
Type Repeatable quest
Location Blight Bay

Shade Patrol is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Destin wants me to head to either the Dusk Twins or Shadenor to help in various matters concerning the creatures that live there.


  • None



  • Collect 100 Shizard Crystals. I can find these from Crystal Shizards in the Dusk Twins and Shadonor.
  • Return to Destin Moonhold.


  • 18 silver
  • 532,5k XP
  • 15 Shadenor Medallion



Destin Moonhold : "Another hero? I see... still, perhaps you can assist me."

You "Yes, I can help."

Destin Moonhold: "Great. I'll need Shizard Crystals, and a lot of them. I can use them to power the magic of my people. Head to either the Dusk Twins or Shadenor and collect them from Crystal Shizards."

Destin Moonhold: "Another hero? I see... oh right, you were helping me with something."

You "I have finished my task."

Destin Moonhold: "Thank you, Bumblebony. If you wish, you may come back tomorrow and help me again."

Your reputation with the people of the Shade Blight has increased.

You lost 100x Shizard Crystal.

Gained 532.5k experience!

You "Later."