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Searching for Candy
Level Scaled
Type Side quest
Location Sugarsweet Summit

Searching for Candy is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Demitri Pindle lost his Box of Candy and has asked you to find it for him.


  • None




  • 10 Copper
  • 1400 XP
  • 5 Fluffy Cotton Candy


Possible locations of boxes in Sugarsweet Summit.

Look for a small crate. It spawns at random places and can be found in one of the following locations:

  • Under an auburn leafy tree at B4.
  • By the Vendors' stall at Bonbon Bazaar at D5.
  • Under a magenta spruce at E7.
  • Next to three pears in the Pudding Pear Patch at F5.
  • Under a white spruce at G4.

Screenshots of the boxes and placement:


Demetri Pindle: "I lost my Box of Candy! Can you find it for me?"

You "Yes, I can help."

Demetri Pindle: "I lost my Box of Candy! Find it for me!"

You looted Box of Candy!

Demetri Pindle: "Have you found my Box of Candy yet?"

You "I have finished my task."

Demetri Pindle: "Thank you, <Player Name>!"

You lost 1x Box of Candy.

You "Goodbye."

Demetri Pindle: "Until next time."

Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.
  • The rewards DISAPPEAR after the event!