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Sapphira's Lament

Sapphira's Lament
Type Dungeon
Level Range 55-57
Location Pyrron

Sapphira's Lament is a zone in Villagers & Heroes.

Laid softly out beneath a twinkling sky of bioluminescence, this ethereal gateway into the realm of Pyrrus, while rife with danger, is a testament to a brother's love. Named for the cherished sister taken from him at an early age, the unending sorrow of the Stone Lord for a girl long since passed can be felt always in this hauntingly beautiful place.

(Should be at least level 53)

Extra Info

  • You receive Obsidian Medallion when killing the bounties.
  • Teleporters: YELLOW STARS on the map
  • Keyquest: YELLOW ! on the map



Main Quests
Side Quests




Crafting Stations

  • None

Gather Nodes