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Romancing: Done Again
Level Scaled
Type Side quest
Location Sugarsweet Summit

Romancing: Done Again is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Valentino wants help romancing his sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.


  • None





  • He starts a very long list with all kinds of stuff you need to gather, grow in your garden, collect from killing monsters, get from friends. Not all items might be within your level range, but all the items are tradeable.


Valentino: "Hey, you look able bodied, want to help me? I'll reward you with some Valentine's goodies."

You "Okay."

Valentino: "Well, it is a little involved. You might need some help from friends. I am trying to make the perfect gift for Valentina. It is a lot of work, and you have to help me before the portal to Sugarsweet Summit closes."

You "I'll do it!"

Valentino: "Okay, then let's get started. I will start working, but I'll need you to fetch me a lot of different things. First, I'll need you to create a Glittering Pie Pan."

Upon completion: Valentino