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Reputation represents how the people in the Blighted Isles view you. As your reputation increases, you'll gain both one-time rewards as well as accessing more features, including more items available from vendors, and more quests. It can only be increased by completing quests.


These NPCs in Blight Bay will give you information on your reputation as well as quests that promote you through the ranks to access vendors and quests.

Tulandra Lightveil eastern outpost


Herbert Gallows <Death Emissary> northeast

Myra Soulsong <Shade Emissary> northeast

Lilly Blackwood <Blood Emissary> west

Stickle Ashar <Ash Emissary> southwest


You have a separate reputation for each group. You can talk to each group's emissary to find out your rank and benefits.

In order you access the benefits from reputation, you need to talk to the appropriate emissary and then talk to Tulandra Lightveil to have your rank increased.

[work in progress - goal is to show in general what you gain at each rank.]

Rank Reputation required Reward upon promotion Advantage
Unknown Start
Familiar 54 9 silver, 112.5k XP,

Bounty Hunter's Mark

vendors will sell protective gear that counters each zone's debuff
Reliable 90 337.5k XP,

Lesser Necklace Enchantment,

2 Lesser Ring Enchantment

vendors will sell lesser enchantments, for rings and necklaces

*differs per zone

Blood - Vitality

Death - Magic Resist

Cinder - Haste

Shade - Will

Reaching Reliable for all will allow you to unlock the vault in Blight Bay (buy the Vault Writ from Wrethnia Gallows for 55 blight meds, then talk to Tulandra Lightveil)

Trustworthy 144 27 silver, 675k XP,

Primal [Blood/Death/Ash/Shade]

companion for sale; ancient mote daily; when you reach trustworthy for all, Dayla Braxton will give you A Friendly Favor
Highly thought of 216 45 silver, 1.7m XP,

250 [zone] Medallion

Vendor in upper island sells recipes that use the crafting motes
Held in high esteem 306 67 s 50 c, 2.3m XP,

Bounty Hunter's Badge

Vendor in Blight Bay sells surplus supply of Motes and Primal Motes
Held in great honor 414 90 silver, 2.8m XP,

500 [zone] Medallion

Blood - weapon and shield armaments in exchange for medallions

Death - token, glove, and boot armaments in exchange for medallions

Cinder - torso, helm, and belt armaments in exchange for medallions

Shade - jewelcrafters and trinketer ?

Renowned as a hero 540 3.4m XP,

Necklace Enchantment,

2 Ring Enchantment

vendors will sell greater enchantments, for rings and necklaces

mount for sale