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Remedy for the Rot
Level 88
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

Remedy for the Rot is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I found Lysander, but he's in bad shape. His wound is infected and he has an infection called the Crimson Rot. Lysander told me about why he went to the Crux. He has a lifelong need to extract vengeance upon Theobald for stealing his childhood, and Hamish sent a letter saying that Theobald had recently been sighted in the Crux. So Lysander went there. He said Queen Zoria extended her hospitality to him because there was a celebration going on..




  • Return to Nadia in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Create 10 Crimson Counteragents. I can create these by depositing Fungasite Flesh hand Skitter Blood within a Zorian Frog Stomach.
  • Bring the Crimson Counteragents to Nadia. She will be with Lysander where I found him in the Zorian Marshlands.


  • 67 silver
  • 1,88m XP
  • Uncommon Priest Belt (different depending on the played class)



Nadia: "Any news?"

You "[Tell her everything.]"

Nadia: "Oh, no, the Crimson Rot is deadly if not treated! I don't have the remedy, but I know how to make it. But I'm missing a crucial ingredient, Crimson Counteragent."

You "I can help."

Nadia: "The counteragent is a bit tricky to make because some of the ingredients need to be used while absolutely fresh. But I have faith in you, <Player Name>! If you collect those, then Xiphi and I can go meet Lysander and try to stabilize him in the meantime."

You "Sounds good. I'll meet you back at the place where Lysander is resting!"

Nadia: "See you there."

Nadia: "<Player Name>! This is the spot, right? Lysander was here?"

You "Yes, he was right here."

Nadia: "We've been searching for hours, he is gone. Perhaps the concealing charm wore off, or maybe the bounty hunters picked up his scent again. Or maybe both..."

You "How unfortunate."

Nadia: "Lysander is clever. If he left, then it was for a good reason. Were you able to find the Crimson Counteragents?"

You "Yes, here they are."

Nadia: "Thank you, <Player Name>, these will work nicely. At least now when we find him next we will have the remedy he needs."

You lost 10x Crimson Counteragent.

Gained 1.88m experience!

You "What should we do now?"

Nadia: "We must keep searching. Xiphi and I will remain here and continue searching the immediate area. Perhaps you could talk to some more of the Swindles and see if they've seen anymore of Lysander?"

You "I can do that."

Nadia: "Ask around and see if you can pick up Lysander's trail. And take this, it's my battle horn. If you do happen to find Lysander, blow the horn. I'll hear it and will come immediately with the remedy."

You received Nadia's Battle Horn!

Continued in: A Priest In Peril.