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Relics are unique items granting powerful abilities during raids. Relics can be upgraded by completing raids.

As relics reach higher ranks, their powers grow stronger and new abilities are unlocked. All relics increase your Dungeoneering, which boosts your vitality and masteries.

As they rank up, relics give percentage-based boosts to certain stats. This means that the higher those stats are, the greater the additional bonus the relic adds!

High-rank relics grant a stat breaker, which allows a stat to provide benefits beyond the maximum.


Breath of Lilith

  • Rank 1: +2% Intellect, Haste, and Glory
  • Lilith's Glamour: The maximum ability power bonus per charge of glory is increased by +0,4% and maximum resistance per charge by 0,2%.

Zikiti's Instincts

  • Rank 1: +2% Savagery, Brutality, and Berserk
  • Zikiti's Wrath: The maximum ability power bonus of berserk is increased by 1%.