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Relic of the Past: Henosis Shrine Hammer
Level 56
Type Main quest
Location Pyrron Courtyard

Relic of the Past: Henosis Shrine Hammer is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.


Gets triggered by picking up the Henosis Shrine Hammer.

You need to complete Relic of the Past: Fractured Statue Fragment before Valuna will accept this item.


  • 37 silver
  • 28,9k XP



Valuna: "Have you found anything today, <character_name>?"

You "Valuna, I found this Henosis Shrine hammer."

Valuna: "This ancient hammer was one of many tools used in the construction of the shrine that housed the shard of the vessel called Henosis. The shard, which bore the combined powers of the Legendary Four, and had been the instrument of Mallok's demise, was deemed sacred by the villagers, who in turn built the shrine so that all hunters and wizards, priests and warriors might revere the magical remnant of their fallen leaders alike."

You "Later."

Valuna: "Safe travels."

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