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One of the many features available in Villagers and Heroes is the option for players to relive their past levels through the mystical system known as rebirth. Unlike creating a character from scratch, rebirth allows the player to retain most of the experiences they learned from their previous lives while also resetting their journey in Villagers and Heroes. The process of Rebirth is extremely involved, and below you can soak in the information necessary to evaluate whether Rebirth is the option for you.

What is lost by becoming Reborn?[]

Unfortunately not everything can travel through the mythical currents of Rebirth, and while players can retain most of their material possessions, there are elements that are lost through the art of Rebirth. These losses are permanent, and cannot be undone. However, the player has the option to regain just about everything that has vanished. Players will lose the following:

  • All of their combat levels and return to level 1.
  • All quest status and progress.
  • All bounties and kill counts.
  • All talent points will be reset and all talent points gained by leveling will be lost, but any talent points gained from performing a rebirth will remain.

What is kept while becoming Reborn?[]

As mentioned above, Rebirth does not entail restarting the character entirely from scratch. Their are several things that players are permitted to keep upon committing to the procedure of Rebirth. In some cases, items may be out of use temporarily, until the player is at the appropriate level to don them again. Players retain the following:

  • All of their crafting skills including gardening and ranching
  • All Elder Levels gained
  • All bags, vaults and any possessions inside, including medallions, portal keys, and gold
  • All Travel pad locations
  • All friends and Guild affiliation
  • All achievement progress and gnogmentation packs
  • Houses

Perks of Rebirth[]

By surviving the transformation of Rebirth the player will grow in power substantially. The drastic decline of the player’s combat level must be balanced out with an equal gain in another area. The following are the benefits of Rebirth:

  • Upon each rebirth the character will receive 5 additional talent points. These talent points will stack onto any normally gained talent points, meaning that the player will gain substantially in power. Each rebirth adds another 5 talent points.
  • Players will gain a special hero experience boost that stacks with all other forms of experience bonuses. The boost scales according to combat level and will become gradually more powerful, upwards of a 350% increase. This boost will last until the player has reached the highest level they have ever been. The boost will show as a buff called "Reborn" and grant the following boost to combat experience (only combat experience, not hero experience from quests):
    • Level 1-14: 75%
    • Level 15-29: 100%
    • Level 30-44: 150%
    • Level 45-59: 200%
    • Level 60-74: 250%
    • Level 75-89: 300%
    • level 90+ : 350%
  • All characters who perform a rebirth will gain a special emblem that is displayed on the player cameo and title text. This emblem will show others how many times you’ve been reborn.

Instructions: How to become Reborn[]

It is not easy to become Reborn. One must first achieve certain criteria of success before they can hope to survive the process. Rebirth is also NOT mandatory, players have the choice whether or not they wish to undergo this process.

Below are the requirements and instructions that are necessary knowledge if you wish to become Reborn.

  • The Temple of Rebirth is located at Gandymeade Grove.
  • Talk to Otin (B3, NW corner of the map) the spirit of Rebirth for information pertaining to the process of Rebirth.
  • Complete Otin's quiz in order to enter the Temple of Rebirth
  • Remove all items equipped in order to become Reborn
  • A player can undergo the process of rebirth a total of 5 times (Once in each of the 5 categories listed below). A player must complete the highest possible level of Rebirth first! Ex: A level 70 player must complete a level 60 Rebirth before doing a Level 30 and 45 Rebirth.
    • Level 30 Rebirth
    • Level 45 Rebirth
    • Level 60 Rebirth
    • Level 75 Rebirth
    • Level 90 Rebirth

It is important to note that the process of Rebirth CANNOT be undone!


  • You are at or above level 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90.
  • Your character should not be equipping any armor/weapons, as your combat level will be reset to 1.
  • Go to Temple of Rebirth.
  • Answer the questions:
    • Question 1: What will you gain with each rebirth?
    • Answer 1 : I'll gain five permanent talent points, and these talent points stack with other rebirths I do.
  • Question 2: Can a rebirth be undone?
    • Answer 2: No, it is permanent and can never be undone.
  • Question 3: What do you lose when you are reborn?
    • Answer 3: I'll lose all of my combat levels, quests, bounties, and my talents will be reset.
  • Question 4: What do you keep when you are reborn?
    • Answer 4: I'll keep my crafting skills, elder levels, enchantments, items, explored travel pads, portal keys, achievements, as well as all talent points I have earned from previous rebirths.
  • Question 5: What is the rebirth experience like?
    • Answer 5: It scales with level, growing at certain key levels.
  • Question 6: How long does the rebirth experience boost lasts?
    • Answer 6: It will last until I reach the highest level I have ever been.
  • Question 7: If you have done four rebirths in total, how many bonus talent points will you have?
    • Answer 7: Twenty.
  • Question 8: If you have a special enchantment like Yoricks Fervor, will you lose that enchantment after you are reborn?
    • Answer 8: No, I keep all of my enchantments.
  • Question 9: If you return to me, will I undo your rebirth and return you to your normal level?
    • Answer 9: No. A rebirth can never be undone. It is permanent.
  • Then he'll ask you if you wish to be reborn, either say no, or say yes - then he'll warp you inside the Temple of Rebirth.

Inside this temple: take off all clothes, weapons, jewelry, answer the last question with yes and you will be reborn.

Main Quest Notes[]

  • Before your level 75 rebirth, if you have made progress on the main quest line that you don't want to re-do, it's advised you continue the main quest line until you complete the last quest, Benefactor of the Shard and receive the Key to the North. This item should let you through the portal to Bevyn's Coille in Aberdeen Caves.
  • If you have completed the Malicious Miscreant quest line at least once (final quest: Confronting the Malicious Miscreant), you should be able to pick up the main quest in Ardent Castle during any rebirth by talking to Tomule (D6). (needs confirmation)
  • (to add: all the NPCs and which quests they are able to start, and the requirements for each (level, item, or having done completed the main quest up to that point on a previous rebirth) - Possibilities: Lady Phillipa in Sea Caves, Dagvard in Ardent Castle, Egil in Lady's Lake (Black Trush quest line, Journey to the Crux quest line)
  • There are side quests that can only be triggered by doing main quests. This applies for zones where main quests get triggered or takes place.
  • Important side quests: Gnogmentation gets triggered by accepting the main quest What Eugenio knows. The same for side quests The benefits of crafting and The gatherers of Ethos Island .