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Raids are challenging, repeatable group zones in Villagers and Heroes, where player groups of different sizes can do timed runs for great rewards.

  • Possible as of May 18, 2020: Solo, 3-group, 6-group.
  • Availability: Public, Friends, Party
  • Only 7 levels available as of now.
  • The above might change over time.

At the moment 2/7 raid areas are open:

  • The Chanteuse's Rookery.
  • Bandicott Woods (Unlocks after completing The Chanteuse's Rookery. at bronze level.)



Currently, there are "None" Tier and "Bronze" Tier.

  • You can unlock Bronze tier after completing a level 5 raid.
    • Upon completing all raids at bronze tier (level 5,6,7), you will receive an exclusive 'Eclipse Fireworks' as a reward. (Eclipse Season 2020)


Loot Drops


Every Time you complete a raid you earn:

  • Gold and Experience, scaled by challenge level and your level.
  • Relics/Relic progress, scaled by challenge level. Relics grant game-changing abilities during raids.

List of Raids areas

The Chanteuse's Rookery

Bandicott Woods