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Roles Support, DoT, Damage Dealer
Primary Gear Maces, Clubs
Elder Voltan – The Incorruptible

Priest is one of the playable classes in Villagers and Heroes.

Slippery and wholesome, devious and pure, the ever contradictory Priest is an amalgam of good and evil. This uncomfortable dichotomy can be traced back to the days of their elder, Voltan The Incorruptible, who, righteous and holy, remained unwavering during strife-filled times when shadow magic ruled the hearts and minds of men. Clad in plain cloth armor, bearing protective holy shields, and wielding a single blunt mace, the Priests of today strive to emulate the goodness of Voltan, but still remember the ancient, seductive powers of the dark.

Specializations & Talents[]

Priest talents are grouped into the Holy, Balance and Shadow specializations. All the below numbers assume rank 1 of the talent - see the Talent Builder for accurate values per level! When a talent is upgraded completely, it unlocks an Ultimate ability - these abilities can be both active and passive, and grant powerful advantages.


Using radiant energies to protect or heal all those around them, Holy can also administer punishments as needed.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent priest 0.jpg Aura of Purity 5 Enemies that deal damage to you have a 20% chance to take 25% standard level holy damage as retaliation. Aura of Purity's damage is increased by your holy spell power at a 300% rate. Ultimate priest 0.jpg Zealous Mending Your healing spells can now critically strike and 20% of your Holy Mastery is added to your Savagery.
Talent priest 1.jpg Consecration 10 Damaging an enemy with a holy spell has a 3% chance to release a wave of holy energy. The wave heals all allies near your target for 50% standard level healing, and damages all nearby enemies for 50% standard level damage. Consecration's healing is increased by your Holy Power. Ultimate priest 1.png Absorb Shield Shields an ally for 15 seconds, absorbing X damage.
Talent priest 2.jpg Binding Faith 20 All of your single target beneficial spells cast on allies have a 5% chance to be duplicated on yourself. Ultimate priest 2.jpg Divine Inspiration Your beneficial single target holy spells have a chance to grant your allies 20% increased Ability Power for 15 seconds.
LastingFaith.png Righteousness 30 Casting a Holy Spell gives you a Mark of Righteousnes. At 50 marks you restore 2,5% of both your missing Health and Mana, and gain 1% increased Holy Power for 15 seconds. HeavensPrayer.png Heaven's Prayer Restore and Holy Bolt now chain, seeking up to 2 new targets after their initial impact.
Talent priest 3.jpg Holy Affinity 40 Increases your Holy Power by 1%. Ultimate priest 3.jpg Sanctified Hands Cure now affects an area, benefiting all allies within 10m of your target. Cure's healing is now increased by 100%.


Melding Shadow and Holy together into a powerful alliance, Balance stresses judgement and intuitive decision-making.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
BurdenOfPower.png Burden of Power 35 Your Damage and Healing are increased by 6% to targets that are below 30% of their Maximum Health. DyingBreath.png Dying Breath Whenever you take damage that would otherwise be fatal, you block that damage, become invulnerable and gain 100% mana cost reduction, 20 seconds later you die.
Talent priest 5.jpg Strength of Will 20 Your Armor and Magic Resist are increased by 1%. Ultimate priest 5.png Condemn Curses your target, lowering Armor and Magic Resist by 20% for 15 seconds.
Talent priest 4.jpg Precision 20 Your single target instant damaging spells deal 2% increased damage. Ultimate priest 4.jpg Harmonize Your balance spells are upgraded.
Judgement's damage is increased by 50% and now scales from the greater of your spell powers.
Rebuke now has a 75% reduced cooldown.
Condemn now lasts forever as long as you stay alive.
Talent priest 6.jpg Open Sea Air 15 Your Health and base Maximum Health are increased by 1%. Ultimate priest 6.jpg Shield Bash Whenever you block with your shield, you stun your opponent for 4 seconds. Additionally, your Block Chance is increased by 5%.
Talent priest 7.jpg Well Read 15 Your Maximum Mana is increased by 65 and your Mana Regenn is increased by 0,5 mana per second. Ultimate priest 7.jpg Natural Talent Your Maximum Mana is increased by 1000.


Slowly corrupting enemies with disease and malevolent energy, Shadow draws its power from a dark, otherworldly abyss.

Talent Ranks Ultimate
Talent priest 8.jpg Hexing Shadows 5 Your single target damaging shadow spells cause your target to deal 2% less damage for 10 seconds. Ultimate priest 8.jpg Unstable Power Shadow Orbs now has a 40% chance to detonate your damage over time effects, dealing all of their remaining damage instantly with a 30% increased chance to critically strike. If you have the Soul Corruptor mastery, each effect removed will add 3 charges of Soul Corruption. The chance for Unstable Power to occur increases with your Shadow Power.
Talent priest 9.jpg Call of the Void 10 3% of your Shadow Mastery is added to your Voidstrike. Ultimate priest 9.png Contagion An eruption of shadow power causes all nearby enemies to be dealt shadow damage over 20 seconds.
Talent priest 10.jpg Servant of Shadow 20 Casting a shadow spell gives you a Shadow Mark. At 5 marks, you are healed for 20% standard level healing. Servant of Shadow's healing is boosted by your Shadow Power. Ultimate priest 10.jpg Vampira Vampiric Pact now heals you instead of dealing damage to you.
VileEchoes.png Vile Echoes 30 Your Curses aditionally apply a Vile Echo, which deals 15% standard level shadow damage over 15 seconds. Vile Echo's damage is considered a Curse. ShadowWeave.png Shadow Weave When one or more of your Curses are on an enemy that dies, those Curses will attempt to spread to another nearby enemy. If no enemy is nearby, they instead jump to you, restoring 3% of your missing Health and Mana per Curse.
Talent priest 11.jpg Shadow Affinity 40 Increases your Shadow Power by 1%. Ultimate priest 11.jpg Soul Corruptor Everytime one of your Curses deals damage, the enemy gains a charge of Soul Corruption. At 30 charges, the corruption explodes dealing 400% shadow damage.

Abilities and Runes[]

In Villagers & Heroes, both active and passive abilities are granted through Runes, which are found on items. To see a list of all Runes and Abilities available to the Priest class, check out the full article below!

Full article: Priest Runes

Unique Gear[]

Priest can use the following unique gear:

  • Clubs and Maces: Despite their appearance, these are ranged weapons in the hands of a Priest. Capable of delivering deadly magical bolts, the real power of priest clubs and maces lie in the runed abilities they contain.
  • Scepters: Unique to the Priest class, scepters hold unique runes and can provide powerful bonuses. (Minimum level 45)