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Prickle Pincers
Level 93
Type Main quest
Location Dusk Twins

Prickle Pincers is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Jurriaan Lightveil thinks the best place to start is to make a pair of pincers to collect the Thistle of Larr, that way when I do find it, I'll be able to pick it up up. If I forget how to make the pincers I can ask Jurriaan to remind me.




  • Create a pair of Thistle Pincers. I can do this by combining Koldcore, a Pincer Pivot and Shadenor Silver.
  • Return to Jurriaan and show him the Thistle Pincers.


  • 72 silver
  • 3,22m XP
  • Uncommon Priest Necklace (might be different depending on the played class)



Jurriaan Lightveil: : "Were you able to create a pair of pincers?"

You "Yes, I have them here."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "They are a little... sloppy... but I suppose they'll do. I'll let you hold on to them and remind you not to lose them! You'll need them when you find the Thistle of Larr."

You lost 2x Shadenor Silver.

Gained 3,22m experience!

You "Right, don't lose the pincers. Got it."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Now then, it's time to find the thistle! As it happens, I was out about in Shadenor the other day. As I was strolling around I stumbled on an abandoned campsite, after poking around a bit, I found this!"

You "You'll have to describe it to me, as I can't see what your holding."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Oh right, sorry. It's a scrap of paper, and here in the corner... see that!? I couldn't believe it when I saw it. In fact it gave me the spooks, so I quickly came back home to the Twins."

You "Again... I can't see it..."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Oops, sorry again. It's Theobald's Insignia inscribed on the paper. One of Theobald's henchmen, or perhaps Theobald himself was at that campsite."

You "And you think they had the Thistle of Larr?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "They were doing something, and I can't think of another reason why they would be in Shadenor. But as it happens, we don't need to guess what happened."

You "Go on?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "My pocket watch! You see it isn't a normal time-keeping pocket watch, nothing that mundane. No, this pocket watch allows its wielder to see into the past, to watch how events unfolded at a particular location."

You "That's perfect, so what happened? What did you see?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Well I haven't seen anything yet, but that is where you come in! I'll lend you the watch so you can see just what it is that happened at the campsite. However be warned, the watch requires a good amount of Shadenor Essence to charge, and even when charged it only has a single use. You'll probably have to charge it a few times."

You "No worries, I can do it."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Here is my watch, don't forget to charge it before using it. And remember, you'll be stepping backwards in time with each use, so you'll be witnessing things in reverse order from how they actually happened. Don't get confused!"

You received Jurriaan's Depleted Pocket Watch!

Continued in: A View of the Past.